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a graduate school offering study leading to a degree of Master in Business Administration

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business schools on the cutting edge of Internet and entrepreneurial trends.
is a nonprofit education organization of leading graduate business schools worldwide dedicated to creating access to and disseminating information about graduate management education.
The nation's business schools began marketing these client-driven programs to CEOs, often starting with those who were alumni or with whom the schools already had working relationships.
This new and in-depth research, published in a joint study conducted by a team drawn from London Business School and the Capco Institute, explores the experiences and sourcing strategies revealed by sixty two executive respondents from the world's top financial services organizations.
Business schools, too, are inching ahead on the learning curve.
BusinessWeek's complete rankings of the Top 50 Undergraduate Business Schools is available in the May 8, 2006 issue of BusinessWeek and on BusinessWeek Online at http://www.
In the past, business schools developed people to be financiers and control artists.
They were followed by the NYU Stern School of Business in second place, Fordham Business School in third place, and Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business grabbing fourth.
The survey, released March 31, 2006, places the UC Davis MBA program 21st among business schools at public universities and 46th overall.
These are the conclusions of a preliminary report based on research conducted by a team of students enrolled in the MBA program of Said Business School, University of Oxford.
ACT is responsible for the development of GMAT questions, construction of item pools, implementation of test specifications, scoring of the Analytical Writing Assessment essays, and working with GMAC to strengthen the exam's capacity to remain in step with the evolving needs of business schools.
Mary's, his alma mater, and his latest gift is expected to propel the School of Business forward so that it can become one of the country's best business schools.
A biennial report from the Aspen Institute and World Resources Institute recently identified Stanford Business School as the leader among business schools that weave corporate social responsibility issues and cases into their curriculums.
Through its membership, Hyperion will have the opportunity to participate with AACSB on projects and initiatives, and apply its expertise in optimizing business performance to provide input that can help business schools produce graduates with the skills most desired by today's employers.
NEW YORK -- A biennial report - Beyond Grey Pinstripes, released jointly today at Citigroup by World Resources Institute and the Aspen Institute - finds that more business schools are doing a better job preparing students for the reality of tomorrow's markets, equipping them with an understanding of the social, environmental, and economic perspectives required for business success in a competitive global economy.