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insurance that provides protection for the loss of profits and continuing fixed expenses resulting from a break in commercial activities due to the occurrence of a peril

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When evaluating business interruption coverage, there are several key factors to consider:
Apparently DIRECTV had contingent business interruption coverage, but did not have coverage for secondary dependencies.
Business interruption coverage, also sometimes referred to as business loss of income coverage, can help replace lost income when your operations are suspended and can no longer operate due to a covered loss.
Weigh the price, but realize that contingent business interruption coverage is not a commodity where you are comparing apples to apples.
By bringing Dempsey Partners to Aon, we can supplement our claims expertise as well as provide critical support to clients seeking to ensure the adequacy of their business interruption coverage in advance of any loss.
Baker has since purchased a business owners insurance policy that includes business interruption coverage, also known as business income insurance.
Loss of use of the property and business interruption coverage also are excluded in NFIP policies.
For commercial lines: The best approach is to review the true business impact of a catastrophe, operational considerations, technology coverages, business interruption coverage adequacy, flood coverages, deductibles and property value coverages.
For one client, Durante negotiated $25 million of additional property limits, greater business interruption coverage and a more than two-fold increase in various sublimits--for the expiring premium.
Let's say UL Beverage had typical property insurance coverage on its facilities, such as replacement cost coverage for damage to its property, plant and equipment, and business interruption coverage, including ordinary payroll.
Generally, business interruption coverage extends to this situation if the order prohibiting access to your property is because a covered cause of loss insured under your policy has caused direct physical loss or damage to property elsewhere.
Business interruption coverage for any network outage, including extra expense.
We believe this book will help all of us to better understand the complexity of business interruption coverage, claims, and recovery.
Review the policy, talk with a representative about the loss and discuss business interruption coverage for loss of income as well as reimbursement for expenses such as temporary office space and equipment.
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