business interruption insurance

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insurance that provides protection for the loss of profits and continuing fixed expenses resulting from a break in commercial activities due to the occurrence of a peril

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Business Interruption insurance provides essential protection to businesses for loss of income sustained from a covered peril.
New Zealand's fragility means that business interruption cover is even more critical.
Related: 4 ways to prevent business interruption from a natural disaster
Traditional Business Interruption insurance covers losses tied to events such as fires or natural disasters.
61 for Omni's business interruption claim (hereinafter the "Business Interruption Award").
Some risks such as political upheaval, cybercrime and business interruption were viewed as a greater risk, while natural catastrophes, technological innovation and market stagnation were viewed as having less of an impact.
The contract is for the conclusion of property insurance and business interruption ENEA Production Sp.
They've quickly caught pace with fire and flood as causes of business interruption.
In managing the problem, a key first issue to crystallize is the extent of your contingent business interruption risk.
Major loss events of the past years have consistently demonstrated the need for high-quality claims services, specifically in the property, business interruption, and contingent business interruption arenas," says Neil Harrison, group managing director, risk control, claims, and engineering at Aon.
Only about two thirds of small businesses carry business interruption insurance, making this group highly vulnerable to the financial devastation that outside events can bring.
Workers have begun the plans and repairs for the #2 paper machine while insurance company representatives are on site helping assess the damage, the company mentioned and added that the property damage and business interruption insurance will cover most of the property damage and business interruption losses over its USD2m deductible.
I was at a meeting of a disaster safety coalition whose members wanted to learn more about business interruption insurance.
The following is a brief discussion of some of the more notable traps and gaps that may be lurking in your camp's business interruption insurance policy.
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