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a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure


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12) Dorothy Clayton, 'How It Began', in The Catholic Bushwalker, Tenth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Club, Sydney, 1953, p 10.
Jamie Neale, 19, was found by the NSW Police near Narrow Neck plateau, around 15 kilometres from Katoomba, following a phone call from bushwalkers, and was taken to the local hospital to be treated for dehydration and exposure.
Jonathan is a keen bushwalker and does not like having his photo taken.
42 (480m): Moss Break, Cairns Solo, Ruben Red, Mitecamotorbike, Timmy Minty (W), Bushwalker (W).
36 (480m): Killoe Star, Branxton Pickle, Sandyhill Jewel, Fun Boy Franky, Swift Money (W), Bushwalker (W).
He was a keen bushwalker and for over 30 years he had a small farm on the north coast of NSW where he raised cattle, grew kiwi fruit and planted trees.
Lionel and Beth Bridge, from Carlisle, Cumbria, arrived from London on Sunday to help police search for their daughter Celena, aged 32, a keen bushwalker and environmentalist.
The Australian bush is so peaceful at sunrise that the bushwalker is oblivious to the silent battles going on all around.
Reserves: Beijing Suzie, Blue Noodles, Bushwalker, Cash For Gneeve, Ceili Ted, Dunmail Woods, Geordie Lights (w), Moss Break, Nuke Crash (w), Petite Impact, Record Gamble (w), Swift Zion, Trafford Lad, Waltzinblack, Was Not Jamie.
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12 (480m A3): Neavejakenbabs, Rabbit's Guide, Ludworth Lola, Bushwalker, Wine and Flossie (W), Da Man Himself (W).
My Dad had a deep love of the bush and was an early bushwalker, knowing Paddy Pallin in his early years.
03 (480m): Andrea's Quest, Stay Cool, Ultra Jerry Cool, Bushwalker, Laser Ben, Dipton Smartie (W).