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a member of the race of nomadic hunters and gatherers who live in southern Africa

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a dweller in the Australian bush country

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The last of the Bushmen were evicted from their traditional homeland in February 2002 following a 15-year campaign by the government to assimilate them into society.
The Gudigwa Camp Project hopes to take advantage of increased interest in the bushmen, after the Botswana government drove Gana and Gwi people from their ancestral home in the country's Central Kalahari Game Reserve last year.
Time may be running out for the Gana and Gwi bushmen of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) in Botswana, who are fighting to remain on their ancestral land.
As a boy growing up in London, Rupert Isaacson's mother told him stories of her native South Africa and of the Bushmen in the Kalahari desert, "peaceful golden-skinned hunters whom people also called KhoiSan or San.
Last year, for the first time in history, Ganakwe and Gwikwe Bushmen from the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa were invited to meet Botswana's outgoing president, Ketumile Masire.
Bushmen, or the San people, are indigenous hunter-gatherer peoples who live in the southern parts of Africa.
AFFLUENCE WITHOUT ABUNDANCE The Disappearing World of the Bushmen
From Bradford Keeney, who lived for a time with the Kalahari Bushmen in Botswana, we learned about a powerful practice known as "shaking medicine," a group ritual in which the goal is "to dance, tremble, and shake yourself into the possibility of being touched, moved, and filled with spirit.
This focus on the Bushmen of the Kahahari gathers the core teachings of the tribal elders and uses their own words to reveal these processes, making for a coverage that is precise and purposeful in its discussions.
Lewis-Williams presents students, academics, researchers, and general interest readers with an examination of the mythology and contemporary stories of Khoisan people or Bushmen, placing their mythology in place and social contexts through a nuanced understanding of the symbols at work in their cultural narratives.
com)-- A hunter-gatherer expedition with Namibia's San Bushmen has been unveiled by Secret Compass, whose first intrepid team will enter the Kalahari this September.
Some bushmen regularly smear their bodies with python fat, the smell of which instills fear in other snakes that are eaten by pythons.
Two travel companies have put on hold their tours to the country and several others have voiced concern about the Botswana government's continued persecution of the Bushmen, only weeks after Survival International asked to boycott Botswana tourism.
Botswana, which is known for wildlife tourism in Africa, is home to some of the last surviving hunter gatherers in the world, the Bushmen or San.
Summary: Gaborone: Botswana denied Sunday plans to remove hundreds of Bushmen from their land to make .