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a member of the race of nomadic hunters and gatherers who live in southern Africa

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a dweller in the Australian bush country

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The fact that trance dances are described by all writers who have visited the Bushmen, even nineteenth-century ones, further attests to the ubiquity and antiquity of this key Bushman ritual (Guenther 1999: 181).
com)-- A hunter-gatherer expedition with Namibia's San Bushmen has been unveiled by Secret Compass, whose first intrepid team will enter the Kalahari this September.
Some bushmen regularly smear their bodies with python fat, the smell of which instills fear in other snakes that are eaten by pythons.
Guests can explore the Kalahari Desert in open 4x4 vehicles, take guided walks with Bushmen trackers and trained guides, relax around the pool or in the refined lounge overlooking the waterhole.
Two travel companies have put on hold their tours to the country and several others have voiced concern about the Botswana government's continued persecution of the Bushmen, only weeks after Survival International asked to boycott Botswana tourism.
Botswana, which is known for wildlife tourism in Africa, is home to some of the last surviving hunter gatherers in the world, the Bushmen or San.
Summary: Gaborone: Botswana denied Sunday plans to remove hundreds of Bushmen from their land to make .
Kung Bushmen saw the sky as the dwelling place of all the divine beings and spirits of the dead.
and / symbols represent "clicks" which replace consonants in the local language) and the bushmen of the Kalahari.
However, her short story was never published, and it took many years before she released her first novel, Salt And Honey, which sheds light on the plight of the San tribe of South Africa (also known as the bushmen of the Kalahari).
Uiteindelik haak Wessels vas op die punt wat ook in Shane Moran se boek, Representing Bushmen: South Africa and the origin on language (2009), ter sprake gekom het--die beskuldiging dat "nostalgia for a lost origin" 'n "consistent strain in both popular conceptions concerning Bushmen and Bushman studies itself" is.
The court's decision reverses a July 2010 ruling that banned the Bushmen, also known as the Basalava, from drilling for water on their ancestral lands in the Kalahari Game Reserve.
The Afrikaners also came across the Bushmen, an aboriginal tribe persecuted by both black and white people, who have left animal paintings on cave walls as their legacy.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu and four Bushmen leaders from Namibia contributed their DNA for the new study, published in the Feb.
HEART OF DRYNESS: HOW THE LAST BUSHMEN CAN HELP US ENDURE THE COMING AGE OF PERMANENT DROUGHT recounts the history of the Bushmen of the Kalahari and how they struggled with water shortages.