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a member of the race of nomadic hunters and gatherers who live in southern Africa

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a dweller in the Australian bush country

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SANDOWN: 2.20 Sohraab, 2.50 Moss Likely, 3.25 Seminole, 4.00 Bushman (nap), 4.35 Kaateb, 5.05 Alnwick.
Van der Post's manifest intention in The Lost World of the Kalahari is to rescue the Bushman from earlier colonial denigration by presenting the primitive world of the Bushman as having integrity and value (2002:40-55).
Richard Bushman, a historian better known for his work on colonial America, contributed to the last effort with his essay, "The Book of Mormon and the American Revolution." This essay and sixteen others by Bushman are reprinted in Believing History: Latter-day Saint Essays, a collection that illustrates Bushman's efforts over the years to render his Mormon faith intelligible to his academic community and to translate the reasons and results of his academic studies for his faith community.
Namane asks actress Berenice Irie, in full make-up, to knock on the door of Room 8 at the Bushman Cafe in Abidjan, the venue at the center of the second such festival, unique in West Africa.
Richard Bushman has spent two decades, often working with his wife, Claudia Bushman, researching and writing about colonial farmers.
The Bushman canine dental trait showed zero grade of expression in this study for all three ethnic groups.
Larry is survived by his wife: Patricia Ann Adamson of Moweaqua; children: Susan (Paul) Bushman, Sean (Stacey) Adamson and Scot (Kim Hennings) Adamson all of Moweaqua; sister: Eleanor Adamson Jordan of Naperville, formerly of Blue Mound; grandchildren: Christa (Will) Minott, Derek (Anne) Bushman, Skylar (Peter Crane) Adamson, Shelton (Britney Bravard) Adamson, Caroline Adamson and Oliver Adamson; great-grandchildren: Marshall, Lylah, Ruby and Miles; several nieces and nephews.
OlawaleAshimia.k.aBrymo has spoken to news hunters about his new video 'Heya', where he was shot almost naked, wearing only a parchment covering his genitals, saying that it portrays a bushman living in the city.
The film is set in Botswana, where it follows the experiences of a bushman named Xi from a tribe isolated from the modern world living in the Kalahari desert.
The Bushman model you see here is a super-sized version of the Bushcrafter.
This takes place on October 25, 28 and 29 from 12.30pm-3pm and 7pm-10pm at The Beach House, and on October 27 from 7pm-10pm at Bushman's Restaurant & Bar.
"Killing characters in video games may be fun for players, but It appears to be bad for business," says psychologist Brad Bushman, coauthor of the study.
The little bushman saw the charge develop and knew this one was for real, so, no convenient trees being handy to climb, he merely lay down and protected his neck with his hands.
National Storage Tank contacted Jeff Helton, one of their friends and suppliers at Bushman Tanks to see if they couldn't join forces and do something to help.