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In sum, the Bushite reactionaries have neither the desire nor the decency to provide for ordinary citizens, not even those in dire straits.
Layers of civilian control were removed: Those who had watched the transition from Clintonista to Bushite knew that something calculated had happened to NESA.
"Won't those unemployed workers simply fall back on their newly tax-free dividends and continue their lazy ways?" Imagine how the room would fall silent and everyone would blush at the stranger's naivete, how some thoughtful Bushite would take him aside and explain to him that we have, in America, something called social class.
The much-feared religious conservative vote is split and then split again--between pragmatists and purists, and then between Bushite accommodationists and Buchananite secessionists, and between Forbesian purists and Bauerian purists.
Those who recently allowed themselves to be convinced by Fukuyama's learned postulation in The End of History and the Last Man, as well as in his various newspaper articles,(1) that human history has reached its final stage of perfection, ergo its completion, in the liberal democracies of the West and particularly in the free-market capitalism of the Reaganite and Bushite America where everyone supposedly recognizes the worth of everyone else in a timeless, posthistoric ecstasy, may derive some benefit from this thin volume.
To further plumb the depths of Bushite hypocrisy, check out their sickening treatment of seventeen American prisoners of war from the first Iraq war in 1991.
* As an outraged scientist, I want to thank you for the hardest-hitting, best-substantiated article I've seen on what Bushite pseudoscience is doing to us.
Somehow Kennedy doesn't strike me as being a Bush supporter, but to judge by his book he would certainly applaud the Bushite reservation of his feelings from the harsher sort of political censure.
Besides plagiarizing the Bush regime's book of fear-mongering, Obama embraces two other aspects of Bushite foreign policy: unilateralism and pre-emption.