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In sum, the Bushite reactionaries have neither the desire nor the decency to provide for ordinary citizens, not even those in dire straits.
The Bushites want to demonstrate that government isn't to be counted on when it comes to helping communities (especially low-income and ethnic minority communities).
Those who had watched the transition from Clintonista to Bushite knew that something calculated had happened to NESA.
Besides plagiarizing the Bush regime's book of fear-mongering, Obama embraces two other aspects of Bushite foreign policy: unilateralism and pre-emption.
It is nice to see the deafening silence about Bush's lies finally broken by a Bushite, but it is interesting to note how he foul-tips the undertones of impeachment.
To further plumb the depths of Bushite hypocrisy, check out their sickening treatment of seventeen American prisoners of war from the first Iraq war in 1991.