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Synonyms for bushing

an insulating liner in an opening through which conductors pass

a cylindrical metal lining used to reduce friction

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LOT 2: High Voltage Horizontal Bushings for Kakhovka HPP: 154kV 18pcs.
The threads on the barrel need to fit the threads in the bushing very closely to solidly support the barrel in the bushing.
PLUS also eliminates the downtime of pin and bushing turns.
The engineers also adapted the geometry of the bushing, thus optimising its durability.
moldmaker, offers this advice: "The best thing to do is rotary EDM the sprue bushings (rough finish) and form-grind nozzle tips.
TOM: So now you know what to do, Brian: Replace the discs (I would not recommend trying to resurface them, in this case) and check those bushings.
Either the bushing was faulty, by reason of design, degradation, poor maintenance or it failed due to application of a voltage which it was not designed to sustain.
The vibrations can be generated by an electromagnetic or piezoelectric shaker and the excitation can be applied to the peg and the bushing.
These chucks are available for two-inch to 18-inch diameter cores and they use split bushings to lock to thru shafts for fast and easy placement and installation.
First, the Irvine-based team contacted an Anaheim, CA, rubber company to make stiffer rubber components, replacing the softer bushings in the rear subframe, thereby limiting its movement.
The visor mount bushings secure the visor to the display unit while allowing the visor to pivot up and down over the pilot's face.
Available in 6/6 nylon, RDD Pigtail Lockit Strain Relief Bushings absorb forces of pull, push, twist and flex to securely anchor, insulate and protect cables at panel entry points.
Since 1971 we have also manufactured the "STERLING" line of pins and bushings for foundry flasks and patterns, along with pallet car rollers and chill pins.
Wear items like bushings, seals and the working tool should ideally absorb most of the abuse.
Because the die uses bushings, it is easy for the reloader to make adjustments by simply changing to either slightly larger or smaller bushings.