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Synonyms for bushing

an insulating liner in an opening through which conductors pass

a cylindrical metal lining used to reduce friction

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I make my adapter bushing long rather than stopping right in front of the flange is to add more support to the barrel.
In essence the project requires making a bushing on a lathe that fits into the front of the AR-15 receiver and then making the barrel fit the bushing.
Just wedge the end of the bar between the two shoes and pull up and down to manipulate the bushings until they line up.
Engineered with all industry-standard components, the RideSaster family boasts such features as Rey-Align one-person axle-alignment system, full-coverage warranty, TIS-Ready design that accepts any OEM tire pressure inflation system, and tri-functional hanger bushing for extra-long life.
Using finite element analysis the deformation of shaft and bushing can be observed and the locations of cracks may be predicted [6].
Start with the stabilizer bushings. They're the most likely candidates, and they're also the cheapest and easiest to replace (about $10 a pair).
My guess is that Browning had several reasons for using grip screw bushings on the 1911.
A breaker that is lubricated properly but operated incorrectly could suffer the exact same wear and tear on the bushings and tool as if there had been no lubrication at all.
Rotary bushings are commonly deployed in transfer line tooling applications such as automotive engine block cam and crank boring.
Two multitip bushings for the hot-runner injection molding of small parts provide greater economy and productivity than conventional bushings as a result of their compact design, enhanced performance, and ease of use, says manufacturer Fast Heat, Inc.
Horton has introduced roller bushings suspension kits for all model years of the Peterbilt 387 truck.
Ambush hydraulic squeeze bushings are used to clamp moving shafts to fixed housings.