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traditional code of the Japanese samurai which stressed courage and loyalty and self-discipline and simple living

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Bushido, from 'Bushi' or the 'warrior class' and 'Do' meaning 'Way', involves the eight basic virtues of Righteousness, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Honor, Duty and Self-Control.
Bushido train on Tuesdays (7.00-8.30) at West Allotment Community Centre, Benton Road.
There are multiple pizza places, a ceviche joint, a Colombian restaurant and market, an Argentinian pastry shop, two pubs and, as of late last year, an excellent Japanese restaurant: Bushido Izayaki.
The Bushido Kai club meets at Coatbridge High EVERYTUESDAY at 6pm ANDTHURSDAY at 6.30pm, with new members always being made welcome.
Individual chapters include: The Real Samurai; The Concept of Bushido; Development of the Japanese Martial Arts; Martial Arts Masters You Should Know About; Budo in Japan Today; Key Martial Arts Concepts; Life in a Japanese Dojo; A Japan Survival Guide.
Bushido senior marketing and development executive Kristy Gardner said more than 1,000 partygoers attended the Monte Carlo event.
along with creating fresh items at Bushido's live sushi counter.
The connection between Bushido and the mafia was revealed earlier this week by the (http://www.stern.de/panorama/der-rapper-und-die-mafia-bushidos-schrecklich-gefaehrliche-familie-1998554.html) German weekly magazine
by UPI German rapper Bushido sparked controversy when he changed his Twitter profile picture to a map of the Middle East next to text that said "Free Palestine." Bushido made the change Friday, The Local.de reported.
I re-named her Bushido, after the samurai code of the warrior.
Their business Bushido Fitness aims to tackle rising obesity rates in the region, using fitness, training and nutrition guidance.
The issue came under spotlight during the Rotary Club of Salmaniya's weekly meeting at Bushido, in Seef.
Samurai were supposed to lead their lives according to the ethic code of bushido (the way of the warrior).
"Power from Within Bushido" is the story of Anthony Martin von Sager, a man who studied the martial arts in spite of being born with severe cerebral palsy.
The retired diplomat, now aged 89, describes what Kudo did as something akin to the Japanese concept of bushido - which literally means ''the way of the warrior.''