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agile long-tailed nocturnal African lemur with dense woolly fur and large eyes and ears

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"We saw various animals, from penguins and mountain gorillas to pigmy hippos and even bushbabies. It took time for us to get home and when we did we took a vote on which animal to create.
Out in the darkness baboons saw like leopards, bushbabies coo, and insects zoom and buzz and bump about overhead lights, no one willing to make the first move toward bed.
The 40-million-year-old specimens represent two ancient groups, one an ancestor of modern lorises--complete with a comb-like set of lower front teeth that confirms its identity--and the other, of bushbabies, say anthropologist Erik R.
Flying frogs, cartwheeling caterpillars and bouncing Bushbabies are featured in this new series which proves that walking around on two legs is a freak of nature - news every couch potato wants to hear.
This wildlife show is irresistibly funny stuff, from high-speed caterpillar wheelies to bouncy bushbabies, via frogs with built-in parachutes.
There's nothing quite like grilling a steak under the African stars to the soundtrack of squealing bushbabies, chorusing frogs and hooting Scops owls.
Bushbabies are generally considered a female dominant species but the extent to which their behavior conforms to the typical pattern of dominance behaviors has not been well characterized.
Patient Helen James, from Rugeley, who works as the nursery manager at Bushbabies in Sutton Coldfield, underwent the pioneering treatment after she fell badly while smashing up a garden wall.
Most of the hundreds of animals that survived, including snakes, fish, turtles, bushbabies, hamsters, ferrets, frogs, even a 2-foot alligator, are being housed at a friend's warehouse, Nate McClain said.
It now has an underground nocturnal world, with bushbabies and bats, and a desert world with meerkats, although we missed the meerkats because their enclosure is being refurbished.
The nights get longer, the hours of daylight diminish and we start to take on the demeanour of pallid bushbabies - all big eyes and lots of warm clothing.
Ward of Memphis (Tenn.) State University describes a left-hand bias in food-reaching among members of several prosimian species housed in zoos, including black-and-white ruffed lemurs, black lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs and lesser bushbabies. The animals nearly always use their left hands to reach for food floating in a moat, she says, while their hand preferences for reaching during foraging lean only slightly to the left.