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Altogether, HRs obtain less than 50% of cash income from cola nuts and medicinal plants (for the Bantu), from bush mango and raffia (for the IP), and both from insects (grubs and beetles).
Products like Bushmeat, bush mango, djansang, oil from seeds of moabi, rattan, medicinal plants, okok, insects and insect larvae are commonly used among the Bantu and the IP (Clark and Sunderland 2004, Ingram et al.
Caption: Grafted bush mango seedlings await planting.
Physicochemical and nutrient evaluation of African bush mango (Irvingia gabonensis) seeds and pulp.
The Centre for International Forestry Research says nine NTFPs, including bush mango, the bark and fruits of Garcinia cola, palm nuts, cola nuts, and the African pear, generated US$1.