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Today, ICRAF works in more than 500 Cameroonian villages with more than 15 types of indigenous fruit trees, including safou (Dacryodes edulis) and bush mango (Irvingia gabonensis)." Ann Degrande, a socioeconomist with ICRAF in Cameroon, says some farmers plant these trees among other crops near their home, but many integrate them on larger (but still relatively small) cacao or coffee farms.
The Centre for International Forestry Research says nine NTFPs, including bush mango, the bark and fruits of Garcinia cola, palm nuts, cola nuts, and the African pear, generated US$1.9m in revenues for Cameroon during the first half of 1996.
Through this funding, Ebok, Kabakken and Ebranta communities cultivated two acres of land respectively with improved cassava stem cuttings, set-up cassava processing mills, cultivation and domestication of AfangGnetumafricanum by community members and harvesting of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) - bush mango (Irvingiagabonensis) as part of efforts to reduce forest loss through improved agricultural practices.