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a league of teams that do not belong to a major league (especially baseball)

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Destiny, by contrast, performed her athletic feat away down in the bush leagues, and so had to make do with the insults of a PETA farm club, the Animal Activists of Alachua.
Though the conditions were less than perfect, both of the raw-but-game pitchers threw fastballs in the 90-mph range during two recent sessions for scouts, raising hopes for at least a trip to the bush leagues.
If you get only 8-9 correct, you can still consider yourself major league; a score of 6-7 places you in the high minors while anything less buries you in the bush leagues for another season.
That it's the "bush leagues," with substandard reporting, writing and editing.
A score of 7-8 places you in the high minors; 5-6 proper responses puts you in the bush leagues while anything less requires you to get immediate assistance from your local rules consultant.