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a league of teams that do not belong to a major league (especially baseball)

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A score of 7-8 places you in the high minors; 5-6 proper responses puts you in the bush leagues while anything less requires you to get immediate assistance from your local rules consultant.
If that were the case, then Paul Jones would be the hottest prospect in the bush leagues, and the dominant quarter-horse trainer would be impatient for his call to the big show.
America will be back in the Bush leagues quicker than you can say Tom DeLay.
WITHOUT BEATING AROUND THE bush--or the bush leagues --the long and the short of it is that 2001 should be a prosperous year for rookies judging by the wealth of young talent coming off outstanding minor league showings last season.
With Montreal on the verge of leaving if it can't get a downtown ballpark, Toronto's poor showing the past few years left Canada as baseball's bush leagues.
If you want to play primary election poker in the Bush leagues, be prepared to match his $36,000 soft money ante with a ``you're faded'' comment as you plunk a covering equal amount on in the pot - this, even before the first state primary election has been held.