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George Bush Jnr cares for no people except Americans otherwise why is he not giving aid, etc, to the African countries like Darfur where the suffering is much worse than in Iraq?
After all, Americans voted Bush Jnr as their president twice, so surely anything's possible!
The media have persisted for years in declaring the president of the USA the world's most powerful man, but it seems Bush Jnr is intent on trying to live up to his reputation.
The only problem is, the waxwork is of George Bush SENIOR - not of his son, the current president George Bush Jnr.
Now, though, George Bush Jnr is more likely to visit...
It seems that George Bush Jnr has gone to the Dan Quayle School of Free ExPression.
FORMER US presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George HW Bush Snr and George W Bush Jnr formed an unlikely alliance with Lady Gaga to back a hurricane appeal.
Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George HW Bush Snr and son George W Bush Jnr teamed up to back a hurricane appeal gig in Texas.
Part of the agreement of the unkept truce was that weapons inspectors could inspect sites in Iraq, but Saddam wouldn't let them, and eventually George Bush Jnr and Tony Blair, under the terms of the UN resolutions, had to deal with the mess left by the Tories.
America appeared to feel itself rejuvenated with a focus on improving domestic matters after George Bush Jnr's tenure which had seen the power spend much time, money and blood on foreign soil.
This does create a diplomatic headache for Britain: just imagine, George Bush Jnr visits London as a private citizen and goes through this cycle, due to an arrest warrant produced by a magistrate on a private complaint, accusing him for waging a war against Iraq.
So far, Barack Obama has been spared the brunt of their hi-jinks, though George Bush Jnr was a regular victim throughout his presidency.
The 'most hated' man in question was, in fact, US President George Bush Jnr.
Bush Jnr to carry with him and more than anything, this is what lost him the election.