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a soft felt hat with a wide flexible brim


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"I'm still very proud to see it, I've got a little boy now myself, so I say dad made that and that's your grandpa in a bush hat."
One of the first photographs at the McCord presents a young Bethune, striking a confident if somewhat cocky pose, amid a group of bearded men, hands solidly on his hips, his bush hat askew, gazing straight at the camera.
The fictional character, which first appeared on 13 October 1958, from Darkest Peru, with his old bush hat, battered suitcase and marmalade sandwiches has become a classic English children's literature icon.
Out came Albie's bandana, a smart Caribbean job, Bob was in his sophisticated white Panama hat, John P brought the Australian bush hat complete with corks, Russell his old fishing hat and Kevin his denim boy racer hat.
His accent is somewhat at odds with his new bush hat and Aussie desert pattern uniform.
Instead he gave them his signed bush hat, which raised pounds 11,000, and donated pounds 50,000 to the trust run by former Great Scot unsung hero Ann Maxwell.
Ian Balding, sporting a neck brace and a bush hat, was making his first racecourse appearance since the riding accident that could so easily have had much more serious consequences
Probably what was most disappointing of all in this easily read but disappointingly inaccurate account of some aspects of the battalion's tour of South Vietnam, is the inclusion of a highly inflammatory image of a skull with a bush hat upon it, that does nothing to enhance the reputation of the Australian soldier, and is an indictment on the author for a lack of professional judgement and sensitivity.
The Crocodile Dundee mode - replete with bush hat, moleskins, shirt, and boots and derived in part from 1840s and 1850s goldfield prototypes - requires historical adjustment irrespective of its profitability for retail shops in Sydney and New York.
Mr Chappell narrowly escaped death at least twice, once when a bullet went right through his bush hat, missing his head by an inch.
FOP GEAR Clarkson poses in bush hat during earlier trip to Australia
His army soon realised he was very different from the stereotypical cold and distant British senior officer and his wide brimmed bush hat became something of a trademark.
His battered old bush hat, adorned with pins from all the parks and areas he visited over the years, was his only protection from the unrelenting African sun.
He's left his bush hat in the hotel and walks in shadow as much as possible.
It is thought he was at the ball with a group of young men, one of whom had on a distinctive Australian-style bush hat.