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the executive under President George H

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the executive under President George W

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Hundreds of Kaiser retirees, forced into retirement as a result of the company's bankruptcy and the failed energy policies of the Bush Administration in the Northwest, will now lose thousands of dollars per year of pension income.
Referring additionally to false information being given the administration by the exile group Iraqi National Congress (IRC), the report noted that IRC partisans wanted to give the Bush administration some reasons to attack Iraq; therefore, they reported that Saddam's government had nuclear, chemical, and biological weaponry.
But so eager were the higher-ups at the CIA to go along with Bush's war plans that "CIA officials ignored the evidence and refused to even disseminate the reports from the family members to senior policymakers in the Bush Administration," Risen says.
In any event, it was not fear of white backlash that deflected the Bush administration and D.
There's just one problem with the theory: The Bush administration was hardly alone in believing that Hussein had WMDs.
Not willing to let a skeptical Congress delay its plan for government-funded religion, the Bush administration is moving ahead with the faith-based initiative anyway.
The bottom line is that it is widely perceived that Greenspan is the second most important person in our government, and, as the new Bush administration assumes power, no one can challenge Greenspan's authority on economic policy issues.
titanium producers jointly petitioned the Bush Administration to eliminate the preference for Russia, a preference which treats Russian titanium more favorably than imports from the EU, Japan and the U.
military tied down in Iraq for the foreseeable future, the Bush Administration may not be able to pull off another war against a more formidable foe.
The Bush administration is not operating from the same set of assumptions as the majority of the nation or its elected representatives.
The fear now is that the Bush administration will want to attack a country whose weapons of mass destruction are more likely in place rather than the easiest available target, as was Iraq this time around.
The Bush administration is seeking $58 million for its unmanned combat air vehicle program, nearly tripling the 2002 funding levels.
While economic sanctions are slowing down Iran's missile development, it is critical that the Bush administration refrain from undercutting the rationale for unilateral national security-based economic sanctions in general.
Gerard, responding to a Bush campaign rally where the President was accompanied by a few steelworkers proclaiming support for the Bush Administration.