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Certainly after watching a dozen times or more, Mr Bush junior fervently trying to convince an unbelieving world that Armaggedon is located in the vicinity of Bahgdad, I can come to no other conclusion that it must be a core American value.
This is a place not even the Arabs in the Middle East knew until 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians were mercilessly butchered by the US marines, sent in by Bush junior during his invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Selon lui, l'ex-president americain Bush Junior et l'actuel chef de la Maison Blanche, M.
Even in the neocon era of Bush Junior, new Middle East map had been shown independent Balochistan truncating Pakistan and Iran, while blocking the Chinese access to Gwadar," he added.
It was not until the eleventh of September 2001, when New York's Twin Towers and America's military and financial centers were targeted, that American policy transformed into a "War on Terrorism" under George Bush junior.
Obama's plan, to all practical reasons, is thus aborted in the bud and its file is about to be archived on top of the pile of the older files of the earlier plans of presidents Reagan, Bush senior, Clinton and Bush junior, which were swept away to the dustbin of history by the rotating U.
What I didn't expect was a photograph in his book that shows Bush Junior, right, was a bit of hot Texan tottie in his day.
George Bush junior advanced negotiating techniques when he told President Vladimir Putin he just wanted an understanding written on one side of paper that each side would put 1000 or so nuclear weapons on the shelf.
He continued: "However, George Bush junior, preceded by [the US] congress, dismissed the agreement to placate giant corporations.
The beautifully harmonised Dear Mr President was performed to a video backdrop of George W Bush Junior and images of the War on Iraq - Pink barefoot in paintdaubed jeans.
In his speech at the United Nations the next day, Obama sounded more like Bush junior, who is not often associated with the rule of law.
Culpabilizado por el frio y autoritario paterfamilia que le reprocha haber ensuciado el apellido, Bush junior, mejor apto para jugar y mantener equipos de baseball, se rodea de un grupo de amigos que lo empujan a plataformas de poder donde termina hecho un monigote, siempre fuera de lugar y de tono.
He has analysed 10 US administrations, all of them reacting to events rather than planning them strategically, each of them bubbling with internal disputes and encircled by manipulative opponents: Nasser and Eisenhower, Kissinger and Nixon, Carter and Shamir, Sadat and Dayan, Reagan and Haig, Bush and Saddam, Clinton and Ararat, Sharon and Mubarak, Bush junior and Saddam.
Lo que tendra que entender, en todo caso, el flamante nuevo presidente del "pais mas poderoso de la tierra" es que la herencia que le queda por resolver en los anos que dure su mandato es la herencia dejada a las nuevas generaciones de seres humanos por el mismo sistema del cual proviene: una herencia de muerte, inequidad, pobreza y desempleo que al inicio del nuevo milenio dio lugar a una presidencia, la de Bush Junior, ad hoc para pretender garantizar la preservacion del "libre mercado" y la explotacion del hombre por el hombre, por varios siglos, a costa de la seguridad y el futuro de la humanidad.
but in the words of Bush junior, don't misunderestimate her.