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a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes

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Busboys and Poets' mission is to be a community gathering place and engage people around community activism through their restaurant and bookstore; while IMAN delivers a range of services and cultivates the arts in urban communities to promote "human dignity beyond the barriers of religion, ethnicity, and nationality.
For those who will be in Washington, DC for the APHA's 139th Annual Meeting and Exposition, please note that Busboys and Poets is less than a five-minute walk from the convention center.
His other cook is making $1,000 a week, while the busboys and dishwashers are paid well above minimum wage.
Classic pictures of disco's glory days, a rollerskating hostess and busboys will liven up a new club night on Teesside.
All the busboys wanted that place because it was where people went to have sex and the partiers would do anything to get me to clear out and leave them alone.
And perhaps most memorable--certainly most entertaining--is Jesse, a some time actor and trust-fund baby wandering around North Africa and South America screwing local busboys, bellhops, and street trade.
Waitresses, bartenders and busboys employed by the club are paid by the hour and also receive tips.
In addition to chambermaids and busboys, large hotels employ lawyers, accountants, engineers, audiovisual technicians and purchasing agents.
Apartment residents have been employed as grocery assistants, dishwashers, busboys, assemblers, and file clerks.
The Peasant Pas de Deux is enlarged to a Pas de Six and danced by busboys and waitresses, severely uniformed in grey; but the peasants proper are on hand for the usual grape harvest celebrations.
Turning hundreds of thousands of hard-working, tax-paying minimum-wage gardeners and busboys into prison inmates--at a cost of tens of billions of dollars--hardly seems a sensible means of solving the state's budget problems.
WASHINGTON -- CityVista continues to change the landscape in the Mount Vernon Triangle area bringing in new residents and a variety of community-serving restaurants and retail highlighted by the most recent addition, a dramatic 6,100-square-foot venue from the creators of Busboys and Poets.
If we someday end up in Vegas, and Pacman Jones and his group of closets friends happen to get behind us in the same Circus Circus buffet line, and he takes out a wad of large bills because he decides it's time to tip the busboys, would it be proper etiquette for us to drop our plates at that very moment and run like a Siegfried and Roy's white tiger as fast as we could toward the Liberace Museum in order to curl up in a ball under one of those grand pianos until the champagne bottles stop flying?
With directorial assists from Marin, scribe Rick Najera engineers a bit of interactive byplay for these janitors, busboys, dishwashers, drug dealers, indulgent mothers, pregnant teenagers and veteran sex workers.
We found the opposite: Except for one isolated instance, duly noted, waiters and busboys seemed more attentive and eager to please than ever.