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Synonyms for bus

the topology of a network whose components are connected by a busbar

a car that is old and unreliable

send or move around by bus

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ride in a bus

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remove used dishes from the table in restaurants

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New Delhi [India], Feb 8 ( ANI ): India's leading bus booking platform Travelyaari has announced the launch of MAVEN, its latest Mobility Solution for Bus Transport Industry.
In addition, commuters who sell their own bus transport cards, known as Hafilat, to others will be fined Dh500, and a similar fine will apply if a commuter cannot produce a Hafilat card when requested by an inspector.
While the Badal owned Orbit transport buses are being given undue advantage of stopping the buses for 14 minutes at the bus stands, others are just given just four minutes which will not be tolerated," Secretary, Punjab Mini Bus Transport Union, R.
Presently, the public bus transport in Sri Lanka is handled jointly by the State Bus Service, the Sri Lanka Transport Board and by Private Bus Operators.
Things should be easier for maritime transport than for coach and bus transport but Parliament is insistent on adopting the two proposals as a package, even it means taking road transport hostage.
Bus transport has become very slow because drivers take much time to collect fares (also causing traffic snarl-ups).
The operation of this outdated urban bus transport operation that existed from 1977 has come to an end.
Nick Brown, MP for Newcastle East and Wallsend, and Kevan Jones, MP for North Durham, have urged ministers to give extra powers and cash to local government to improve bus transport.
And transport plans for the next 20 years will include bids for a total of pounds 200m to improve bus transport ( although a proposal to introduce a tram system to the region's streets has had to be shelved for now.
Cardiff Bus has driven away with the UK Bus Transport Operator of the Year award.
He added: "We are working with companies across the force area to make bus transport safer for everyone.
The effect of large fare rises will be an increase in traffic in our city, as some season ticket holders abandon rail and bus transport on their journey to work.
Metallic silver grey finishes and minimal but bright colour accents are hoping to give ponderous bus transport a dynamic, space port docking, image.
The buses will be delivered during 2012 and 2013 and will be put into service on new routes in the capital city's TransMilenio bus transport system, which is widely recognised for its efficiency.
It involves transporting groups of people: school group, leisure center, cultural outings or any other outing requiring a bus transport organized by the municipality.