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a terminal that serves bus passengers

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Vital installations, institutions of higher learning, tourist sites, shopping malls, social places, highway and bus termini will be manned round the clock according to the police boss.
The tram-like vehicle, with several trailers attached, is being tested on a circuit linking city centre car parks with hotels, rail stations, bus termini and shopping centres.
class="MsoNormalThe administrator said the Mungiki sect is now concentrated in fast growing small towns and bus termini, where they demand route fees and cash from businesses.
Traders had encroached various bus termini making it hard for PSVs to drop passengers.
It was hoped that the completion of the City Bus termini will accommodate more vehicles to ease congestion downtown.
"The governor said his administration has invested heavily in construction of bus termini in Ngara and Muthurwa which are ready for use.
Ms Mary Omondi, who was stranded with her sack of cabbages at Mololine stage in Nakuru, complained that she might incur losses as the cabbages had stayed in the sack for long.INCREASED FARESIn Kisii, operators increased fares as some buses charged between Sh1,500 and Sh2,000 for a single trip to Nairobi, up from the usual Sh900.Travellers in Kakamega were stranded at bus termini for several hours due lack of transport to their destinations and fare increase.