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a traffic lane intended for buses only

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But the six months stretched to 18 months as traffic along the route speeded up and motorists hailed the end of the bus only lane as sound common sense.
I believe the late Michael Winner once joked that he thought it was fantastic that you could pay PS60, and use London's bus only lanes.
And Steven Patterson added: "Why not scrutinise what the council spend instead of just fining people who are late for work due to constant roadworks and closing lanes to make bus only lanes.
The different lanes include no car lanes, part-time no car lanes, bus only lanes and bus and taxi lanes.
If anyone from Transportation cares to go out and have a look they will quickly realise that bus only lanes are regularly used by well-defined groups who consider it their right to cheat the system in order that they can reach their destination quicker.
I am in favour of bus only lanes and cycle lanes, but the new proposed red route with extra bus lanes as we enter Gosforth and along Gosforth High Street will be a total disaster.
A regional transport body would be able to offer similar benefits to Nexus, such as bus only lanes, traffic lights priority and if needed subsidies in exchange for running a particular service.
It is about time that selfish car users recognise that in Newcastle they have caused a serious problem of congestion and Kathy Secker should think twice before ranting about bus only lanes introduced by the City Council.