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Synonyms for Burundi

a landlocked republic in east central Africa on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika

of or relating to or characteristic of Burundi or its people


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Improving basic infrastructure has made an impact on people's lives in Burundi. The operating cost of using a car or truck has dropped, as drivers no longer charge extra fees for using bad roads.
At least 439 people were killed in Burundi since April 2015, as a result of the government's crackdown on the opposition and its supporters, according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).
"As well as the AU meeting (next weekend) to endorse it, we will need leaders to work behind the scenes to get the Burundi government to change its position," she said.
93.5% of Burundi's population lives on two dollars a day, which contributes to the fact that 58% of the population is chronically malnourished ("World Food Programme").
* Rules and regulations pertaining to key classes of compulsory insurance, and the scope of non-admitted insurance in Burundi
HOUSTON: A third term in office for Burundi's 51-year-old President Pierre Nkurunziza mocks the nation's constitutional limit of two terms and perpetuates rampant corruption with regional and international implications.
He "emphasizes the responsibility of the government of Burundi to ensure that elections take place in a secure environment" and to ensure the safety of UN observers.
Burundi, Kenya and Uganda contribute troops to the African Union force in Somalia that is fighting al-Shabab.
More soldiers have been deployed to guard the offices of the Burundi National Radio Television (RTNB).
She's also a major contributor to the Bridge to Burundi Project.
Kahlan bin Nabhan al-Kharousi, Assistant Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, followed by a message of peace given by Archbishop Evariste Ngoyagoye of Bujumbura, Burundi during which he stressed cooperation among religions in Burundi.
The order's district covers both Burundi and parts of neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.
citizens of the risks of traveling to Burundi. This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning for Burundi dated October 11, 2013, to reiterate existing security concerns and to note updated security restrictions on travel for Embassy personnel.
Burundi's goalkeeper, Arthur Arakaza of Burundi saves Makusu Mundele's penalty but he could do nothing when RD Congo scored the other two goals that qualified them to the last eight stgage
More information about Burundi is available on the Burundi Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.