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Synonyms for scopolamine

an alkaloid with anticholinergic effects that is used as a sedative and to treat nausea and to dilate the pupils in ophthalmic procedures


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THERE'S ANANA, bochinche, and burundanga;funche, gardinga, and guarapo, malangga, mofongo, and nangotao--and these are only a few of the African words that spice up Puerto Rico's rapid-fire version of the Spanish language.
Police believe she used a date rape-style substance called burundanga - a tasteless, odourless natural sedative derived from a local tree.
Servirle de senuelo, a el y a su socio Alberto, para engatusar a ejecutivos con la billetera llena de tarjetas de credito, dejarles caer en su copa unas gotas de "burundanga" (escopolamina), desplumar al incauto y luego repartirse el botin.
The other bad news is the drug Burundanga (from a Colombian tree species) is used by thieves to knock people out.
An improved version of the drug called burundanga became a criminal's dream.