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English explorer who with John Speke was the first European to explore Lake Tanganyika (1821-1890)

Welsh film actor who often co-starred with Elizabeth Taylor (1925-1984)

a strong dark English ale

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Burton was unique, a superstar who was also a great actor, an intellectual who could convincingly play tough guys, equally at home in modern drama, such as Edward Albee's searing portrait of a decaying marriage in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Add to that the actor's "mask" - the sculpted, pock-marked face with wide-set hypnotic yes - and perhaps you can explain why women seemingly found Burton irresistible.
The Burtons needed to make movies to sustain their extravagant lifestyle, and studios needed to pay them high amounts in an effort to produce films that made money at the box office.
This phenomenon marked a new trend, and the authors present their surprise well, as the Burtons, who spent much of their time in Europe or on the waters just beyond the continent on the Kalizma, the $192,000 yacht Burton purchased for Taylor, were shocked to find that their big-budget films were a part of the past.
Irene Burton was diagnosed in 1977 while she was in college.
A decline in NIH funding endangers progress," Don Burton told his representatives.
Just outside London, in the village of Mortlake, the massive tomb of Sir Richard Burton rises among the humbler graves of St.
A tent is a transient dwelling, but in Mortlake the stone tent where Burton lies squats in stubborn permanence, as though only in such a paradoxical sepulcher could his tenacious wife keep him in one place.
PICTURE an evening with Richard Burton - after he has died.
Our vehicle for the evening was Playing Burton, a remarkable monologue written and directed by Mark Jenkins.
post-Renaissance writers considered or made use of Browne, Donne, or Burton is the question of whether they adopted the same rhetorical strategies, the same mode, the same method; it is the similarity of conception - the nature of the persona or voice, the nature of the quest, the nature of the inquiry - and of the structure that emerges to which I have tried to turn attention" (155-56).
No matter what game animal mix the Burtons raise on their ranch, Kodiak's big brown bears will remain a major part of the equation.
Beginning Monday, June 4th through Sunday, July 15th, the South Windsor Burtons Grill location will give its guests a chance to win exclusive prizes in celebration of its first year's success.
Seasonally-inspired, premium ingredients are the basis of Burtons uncomplicated classics, featuring top-quality meats, day-boat seafood, seasonal vegetables, sandwiches, salads and saut[R] ed items.
These new cases feature Speck's protective, form-fit two-piece design, along with original fabric-wrapped styles from the Burton apparel collection, designed to keep you looking sharp on or off the slopes.