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A bookstore should be bursting at the seams with new books.
Hotels, cafe bars, clubs and restaurants are expecting to be bursting at the seams as revellers gather in the gay quarter of the city around Hurst Street for the event.
We're bursting at the seams," says Mike McDonough, executive vice president, "and we need more capacity.
However, when the fab four split in 1970, Harrison was bursting at the seams with material galore.
The casino is simply bursting at the seams, says marketing director Michelle Liberty.
THE Sunday People's mailbag was bursting at the seams after last week's superb Farmer Dan video giveaway.
Winter is not talking here about the simpler hardware aspect of scalable systems; he means scalable data size, speed, workload, and transaction cost, all elements that a company must measure and project at the beginning of the database planning process, not once their original database implementation is showing signs of bursting at the seams.
With city populations bursting at the seams, many see rural life as a haven from urban problems: diminishing green space, crime, overcrowded streets, shrinking social services.
In practice the 'Trio' has become a centre for everyone, bursting at the seams with the demands made on its limited space.
Department heads were buried in a paper jungle of staffing, scheduling, billing, and inventories stuffed into file cabinets bursting at the seams.
We're bursting at the seams," company president Thomas J.
It is a fact that most foundry sales managers are literally bursting at the seams.
With the digital age in full swing, now is the time to digitally archive those shoeboxes full of old photos and personal files that are bursting at the seams.
Too many primary schools are bursting at the seams, with dining halls and libraries being turned into emergency classrooms.
Manager Breda Collins said: "We are so fortunate in that many local people donate furniture and small household goods for our residents "We now urgently need storage space as our little lock-up is bursting at the seams.