compression fracture

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fracture in which the bone collapses (especially in short bones such as vertebrae)

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Pathological burst fracture in the cervical spine with negative red flags: a case report.
al, "Effects of tumor location, shape and surface serration on burst fracture risk in the metastatic spine", Journal of Biomechanics 37,653-660 (2004).
Conclusion: The anterior approach or combined anterior and posterior approach were better options in managing unstable thoracolumbar burst fracture while the latter should be used only for the burst fracture with a significant posterior column injury.
14] Hyperextension casting and bracing as an effective treatment modality in the conservative management of dorsolumbar burst fracture.
Approximately 50,000 spinal fractures occur in the United States each year with 10%-20% resulting in burst fractures from T9 to L5.
Specific topics include predicting the static contact angle in circular capillary tubes, properties of injectable composite cements and their application in burst fracture of the spine, the surface modification of epoxy-ceramic coatings by plasma treatment, and analyzing low frequency noise induced by a spring floating slab.
It is a burst fracture which is usually the result of axial loading or vertebral compression, for example when a load falls vertically onto the head.
Nisar came with a burst fracture of the third cervical vertebrae.
Authors of clinical articles shifted their focus to presentation of case studies on topics such as West Nile encephalitis virus, bispectral index monitoring; lumbar burst fracture associated with bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction; normal pressure hydrocephalus; and neurofibromatosis.
We make a bone plate that is affixed to the anterior aspect of the spine to correct it after tumor removal or after a burst fracture.
Having been blown from an upstairs window, she was suffering from a fractured skull, bleeding to the brain, a burst fracture to the spine and burns to her legs.
8 mmol/l, atrial fibrillation for which the patient was taking warfarin, treated hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, a burst fracture of T12 six years previously which did not require surgical intervention, osteoarthritis with lower back pain, as well as mild deafness, tinnitus, duodenitis and depression.
A burst fracture occurs when a downward compressive force is transmitted to lower levels in the cervical spine, causing the body of the cervical vertebra to shatter outward in a bursting pattern.