Bursera microphylla

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small tree or shrub of the southwestern United States having a spicy odor and odd-pinnate leaves and small clusters of white flowers

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Metodos: Una novedad adicional es un arbol identificado inicialmente como Bursera microphylla, pero una inspeccion mas detallada mostro que los foliolos eran pocos en numero y ampliamente obovados-elipticos.
This tree was considered at first to be a "torote rojo", Bursera microphylla A.
T Cypress, Arizona Cupressus arizonica T Elderberry, Desert Sambucus arizonica T Elephant tree Bursera microphylla T Elm Chinese Ulmus parvifolia T Siberian Ulmus pumila T Eucalyptus Eucalyptus sp.
(Torr) and the non-legumes Bursera microphylla Gray (Burceraceae); Cyrtocarpa edulis (Brand) Stand (Anacordiaceae); Lippia palmeri, S.
Justicia candicans (Ns; PA RV) (Sp; F; W; PA) Elytraria imbricata Tetramerium (S; PA) nervosum (F; W; Sp; RV) Henrya insularis (Sp; PA) Achatocarpaceae Phaulothamnus spinescens (S F; PA) Agavaceae Agave angustifolia (W, Sp; PA) Asteraceae Ambrosia Lagascea decipiens (Sp; PA, RV) (F; W; Sp; PA) Artemisia (Ns; RV) Malacothrix sonorae (W; Sp; PA) Brickellia coulteri Perityle reinana (Sp S, F; PA, RV) (Ns; PA) Boraginaceae Cordia sonorae Phacelia gentryi (Sp; PA) (Sp, S, F, W; PA, RV) Nama hispidum (Sp; PA, RV) Brassicaceae Descurainia pinnata (W, Sp; PA) Burseraceae Bursera fagaroides Bursera microphylla (S; PA) (S; PA; RV) Bursera laxiflora (F; W; PA, RV) Cactaceae Cylindropuntia Opuntia sp.
The study area was located in the central Gulf Coast region of the sonoran Desert, where Bursera microphylla (elephant tree) and Jatropha cinerea (limber bush) are the dominant vegetation (shreve and Wiggins, 1964).
Harder to find was the elephant-tree (Bursera microphylla), whose gray-white bark and odd-shaped branches give it an elephant-like appearance.