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United States writer noted for his works portraying the life of drug addicts (1914-1997)

United States inventor who patented the first practical adding machine (1855-1898)

United States novelist and author of the Tarzan stories (1875-1950)

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Call Me Burroughs begins with revelations: the early chapters plunge us into a wealth of information about Burroughs's childhood, and this is indeed an important contribution because Burroughs was always reticent about his early life and his family, never divulging many details and expressing annoyance at the suggestion that his parents were wealthy or that he had received income from a trust fund (mentioned in Kerouac's fictionalized portrayals and taken as fact by some early critics).
Though Burroughs occasionally retreated, for better or worse, to themes of a more speculative nature, his truest gift, from his first nature book (Wake-Robin, 1871), to his last (The Last Harvest, 1922), was, and still is, to reacquaint us with what we had taken for granted.
Satirist, pornographer, science-fiction daydreamer, addicted to drugs and street boys, Burroughs was a literary godfather of punk rock, thrash metal and gangsta rap preaching sodomy and murder.
David Moule, the Eugene attorney representing Burroughs in the lawsuit, said his client turned down the offers and declined interviews.
A judge at Newcastle Crown Court praised courageous Mr Mole and said he was perfectly entitled to give Burroughs a beating in the circumstances.
With two games remaining in the regular season, second-place Burroughs needs Muir to lose out to remain mathematically alive for a share of the title.
A central database now allows administrators to quickly spot and correct situations like that, Burroughs says.
20 when Burroughs recommended it, but it fell well short of his $50 price target 12 months later, trading at $22.
The Jungle Girl' is the Tarzan style that we expect from Burroughs.
From the outset, Harris tries to explain that his interest in Burroughs is deeply personal.
Mary McCarthy called these "bossy" facades; Burroughs speaks of massive masculine walls that enclose women's bodies, of palaces as instruments of control, symbols of the Florentine reggimento itself.
Kasson offers us a collective biography of the bodybuilding pioneer Eugene Sandow (1867-1925), the escape artist Harry Houdini (1874-1926) and the author of Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) who, so Kasson claims, "in the guise of entertaining,--reasserted the primacy of the white male body against a host of challenges that might weaken, confine or tame it.
uses probes placed at "strategic crossover points" in a telecom network -- anywhere from 9 to 30 probes in a typical arrangement -- and feeds information to a collection and billing engine, says Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Burroughs.
Black Roots: A Beginner's Guide to Tracing the African American Family Tree by Tony Burroughs Fireside, February 2001, $16.