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Synonyms for Burroughs

United States writer noted for his works portraying the life of drug addicts (1914-1997)

United States inventor who patented the first practical adding machine (1855-1898)

United States novelist and author of the Tarzan stories (1875-1950)

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A Pushcart Prize nominee and a finalist for the 2009 Gift of Freedom Award, Burroughs' poetry has appeared in journals including Callaloo, jubilat, Ploughshares, VOLT, Bat City Review and The Volta.
Burroughs is in full paranoid (or predictive) glory in these pages, and he's often riotously funny as well.
He met Burroughs in 1955 and the writer was so fascinated by his tales of international skulduggery that many were recounted in Naked Lunch.
Joe Lara took on the role of Burroughs' hero in TV movie Tarzan In Manhattan in 1989 and later returned to the role again in TV series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures.
This study employs ideas from ecocritical theory to examine the ideas of Beat writer William Burroughs on ecology and the environment.
In chronicling the development and demise of the different relationships he's had while living in New York, Burroughs examines what it means to be in love, what it means to be in lust, and what it means to be figuring it all out.
The posthuman subject abandons liberal humanism's autonomy and agency for multiplicity, fluidity, and interconnection, which are qualities notably found in Burroughs's characters.
The company formed LEVERAGE Business Lending through a partnership with the Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Capital Growth Solutions, a highly experienced SBA lender according to LEVERAGE COO Lisa Burroughs.
And it all began 150 years ago with the publication of John Burroughs's first nature essay "With The Birds" in the May 1865 issue of the Atlantic Monthly.
Tana Jane-Louise Graham and William Daniel Burroughs were united in marriage at seven o'clock in the evening on February 1, 2014, in the sanctuary at Oxford-University United Methodist Church in Oxford.
He enjoyed watching his favorite Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots play.Mark leaves behind the love of his life and best friend, his wife of 42 years Judi (McNutt) Tebo and his three step-children, Scott Burroughs, and his wife Robin, Mark Burroughs and his wife Kim, and Patrick Burroughs.
I was William Burroughs' companion for 23 years, and for about 17 years I have been the executor of his estate.
Call Me Burroughs: A Life, by Barry Miles, Twelve, 718 pages, $32
Tarzan Slept Here: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Coldwater Connection