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small donkey used as a pack animal

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Today I am delighted to announce that Australian Cornish mining sites, Burra and Moonta, will become the 109th and 110th places to be added to the National Heritage List.
Dentro del grupo de los perisodactilos, tanto la leche de yegua (Equus caballus) como la de burra (Equus asinus) han sido estudiadas por razones relacionadas con las propiedades nutricionales y terapeuticas difundidas desde tiempos ancestrales, sobre todo en paises de Europa y Asia (8, 11).
The journey that transpires and the events that led Burras to encounter a young Indian girl named Pocohontas - the only girl her age in the New World - and form a unique friendship documents the evolution of women in the New World as seen through the eyes of a common girl associated with some of the biggest names in early American history.
can earn up to a 60 percent interest are known as Poposa, Rio Frio, Oilvares, Las Burras and Valle Hermoso.
Southport's Lewis Burras rounded off a great year, picking up the bronze medal in the 50m freestyle with a PB, with teammate Jacob Lea reaching the final of the 50m butterfly with a PB in the heats, whilst Jessica Morgan and Victoria Dawson can be proud of their efforts.
Burras heritage listed Paxton Square Cottages built in 1849 are set to be upgraded and modernised with support from a $200,000 State Government Regional Development Fund grant.
CELEBRATING: Ijaz Ali, right, with Darren Burras, of Colin Appleyard in Huddersfield
Taft's best hitter, Taylor Burras, was neutralized by a strong effort from the Van Nuys middle blockers, particularly senior Ariana Robles.
can earn up to a 60 percent interest are called Poposa, Rio Frio, Olivares, Las Burras and Valle Hermoso.
In a very good first day, Lewis Burras of Southport took third place in the final of the 50m Butterfly, while in the same event club colleague Jacob Lea set a personal best as he finished 10th in the final.
The Toreadors feature Taylor Burras, a blistering outside hitter whom the Spartans could not consistently block or dig.
She will be joined in Indianapolis by Southport's Lewis Burras.
The second-seeded Toreadors, led by outside hitter Taylor Burras and middle blocker Danielle Fernandes, probably have an edge in talent.
Lewis Burras of Southport also laid down a few markers, taking bronze in both the 100m and 200m freestyle.
Taylor Burras, a second-team all-City selection last season, has further developed into one of the City's top players and is too much for most opponents to handle.