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small donkey used as a pack animal

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He asked the great-granddaughter Neera Burra as to whether Sahni's rationalist leanings, which took him into the Brahmo Samaj, were adopted also by the family and his descendants.
With its twists of fate and with lady luck smiling on the brave Burra as she chased missing clues and succeeds in compiling a coherent account; an achievement as compelling as her progenitor's autobiography,' Prof Vandal said about the book.
Los habitantes permanecen alertas y los comunitarios siguen desplegados en los cerros y la ribera del Balsas, pues los rescatados dijeron que los sicarios, que portan uniformes de tipo militar y son dirigidos por La Burra, siguen en el cerro y mantienen retenidas a mas personas.
Burra Brook Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 is full on flavour but lacks a little finesse.
Now, almost 20 years on, Wendy makes more than 1000 of her Burra Bears a year.
Dentro del grupo de los perisodactilos, tanto la leche de yegua (Equus caballus) como la de burra (Equus asinus) han sido estudiadas por razones relacionadas con las propiedades nutricionales y terapeuticas difundidas desde tiempos ancestrales, sobre todo en paises de Europa y Asia (8, 11).
It was acquired at Burra's first one-man show in 1929 by the socialite Olivia Wyndham, who was to introduce Burra to the Harlem Renaissance when he visited New York in 1933 (and which became the focus of his subsequent paintings).
Patrizia Burra of the Multivisceral Transplant Unit, Padova University Hospital, Padua, Italy, said that there are no effective treatment options for this patient group, but their new trial involving the nucleotide polymerase inhibitor sofosbuvir (SOF) has demonstrated promising results, providing further evidence of its clinical potential.
A study should be completed to record the environmental impact quarrying has had on the region which was declared a natural heritage monument in accordance with the Burra Charter of 1999," the statement said.
For a good week-day wine that's lightly oaked and nicely fruit-driven, try Burra Brook Chardonnay 2012, Australia (PS7.
Perth, Australia, Feb 4, 2013 - (ABN Newswire) - Archer Exploration Limited (ASX:AXE) exploration activities during the six months ended 31 December 2012 focused on exploration of the Group's Campoona and Sugarloaf Graphite projects, on the Leigh Creek Magnesite deposits and airborne EM surveys over the Company's Burra Region copper and gold targets.
Douglas had a remarkable eye, and the collection now contains a number of significant names in the roll-call of 20th-century, largely British painters: Edward Burra, Elizabeth Frink, Eric Gill, Patrick Heron, William Roberts, Graham Sutherland and Georges Rouault, among others.
Binna Burra BrisbaneOs Binna Burra Eco Resort Adds Sky Lodges.
Walker begins by assuming his own family history and the small South Australian town of Burra in which much of it is based are boring.