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Comrade Abdul Burra noted that upon resumption, the lawmakers are expected to begin the screening of the Commissioner-nominees submitted to the House by the State Governor, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir before it went on Hajj and Sallah recess last month.
As Dr Neera Burra started trying to locate exactly where the house was, all she had as a guide were a few old pictures, and a copy of a 1909 land revenue record in words, but without any map.
Burra's labour of love has been to edit her great-grandfather's memoirs, which were published in 2017.
HEROES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were fierce political rivals, Hamilton a Federalist and Burra Jeffersonian Republican.
This concept of heritage significance forms the basis of the Burra Charter, first adopted in 1979 in the South Australian country town of Burra (Icomos 2013).
He spoke of the ghostly sightings of the 'burra sahib' (the master) who owned the bungalow once upon a time.
Because of the devastation wrought on various important cultural heritage sites in the Visayas by the Bohol earthquake and Supertyphoon 'Yolanda' (Haiyan) in 2013, national cultural agencies and a number of private institutions are drafting the 'Philippine Standard on Conservation' similar to already established international charters passed in Venice (Italy), Burra (Australia) and Nara (Japan).
At least 18 people were killed, several others were injured and some trapped as portion of an under-construction flyover collapsed and fell on the busy Burra Bazar area, which houses Kolkata's largest wholesale market.
The show also looks at their connection with European artists, including stand-out art by Pablo Picasso, Edward Burra, Wyndham Lewis and Surrealists John Armstrong and Merlyn Evans.
Mancotta Chang Bungalow in Dibrugarh can be used as the base to explore traditional Assamese temples, Wathai Heritage Bungalow in Tinsukia to use as a birding base, while the Burra Sahib's Bungalow in Jorhat to hit the golf greens and visit Kaziranga.
On offer at two-for-PS12 from M&S from November 4 until December 1 are three wines from top Aussie maker Yalumba under the store's Burra Brook brand.
Now, almost 20 years on, Wendy makes more than 1000 of her Burra Bears a year.
Dentro del grupo de los perisodactilos, tanto la leche de yegua (Equus caballus) como la de burra (Equus asinus) han sido estudiadas por razones relacionadas con las propiedades nutricionales y terapeuticas difundidas desde tiempos ancestrales, sobre todo en paises de Europa y Asia (8, 11).
Not to be missed either is Burra's Marriage a la Mode, a comedy of manners depicting a sham service in which the groom exchanges meaningful glances with the vicar (Fig.