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a mill for grinding pepper

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Any mill on the market can produce flour of varying coarseness, but if you want to crack your grains for grits, or mill oily grains, seeds, and beans, you need a burr mill.
High-quality hand-crank burr mills include Victoria (formerly called "Corona," $50), Victorio/Back to Basics ($80), Family Grain Mill ($150), Schnitzer Country Mill ($350), Country Living Grain Mill ($430), GrainMaker Grain Mill No.
Working with the University of Zimbabwe's Development Technology Center, CTI volunteers gauged the Omega burr mill to increase paste output in rural women's cooperatives about one order of magnitude, moving from linear to rotary motion.
If you want grits or cracked grains for hot breakfast cereals, you will need a burr mill.
But if you want to crack your grains for grits, mill oily grains, seeds or beans, a burr mill might prove more useful.
The only concession the family makes to the internal combustion engine is a 1-cylinder McCormick hit-and-miss engine used to power the burr mill.
Other exhibits included demonstrations on making grits and cornmeal with a restored burr mill, and a display of old horse-powered farming equipment spread out over Dozier's front yard.
His interest in the hobby's rubbed off: His son, Jim III, has a burr mill and three engines; his son-in-law, Doug Dickey, has two.
couple belted their 1 1/2 hp Gade to a Stover burr mill for a flour-grinding demonstration.
As a result, his inventory includes "Little Nate," a motorized rocking horse; an old ice cream freezer; corn grinder; and burr mill.
Fred Nason demonstrated how a David Bradley stone burr mill grinds corn that he shelled with a small, hand-cranked box sheller.
Fred made a screen for Ed's burr mill, to separate the finer meal for cooking from the more coarse meal, for livestock or wild bird feed.
The January Bowsher burr mill letter brought back memories of the late 1930s.
After 108 years in business, Meadows Mills still manufactures and sells stone burr mills, sawmills and hammer mills from its headquarters in North Wil-kesboro, N.