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a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan


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While speaking to media SSP Operations Sajjad Khan said, 'The attackers wearing suicide jackets under the burqas reached the compound in a rickshaw.
The post Taliban, disguised in burqas, attack agriculture college in Pakistan appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
While doing away with burqas and niqabs resonate with themes of gender equality and women empowerment that is advocated by the mosque, the rule is also laid in place for security reasons.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel had expressed support in December for a ban on burqas "wherever legally possible.
And in 2010, lawmakers passed a prohibition against women wearing burqas and niqabs in public, a vote that drew criticism from human rights and religious organizations.
Muslim religious leaders here said they are not objecting to the proposal that Muslim women be required to take off their burqas during inspection at mall entrances if only to establish their identities.
TAP) - The Islamic State (IS) group reportedly has banned women in its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul from wearing face-covering burqas.
Burqas are not common among Bulgarian Muslims, but other types of sartorial hijab (a garment covering the face) have gained some popularity in Pazardzhik, in southern Bulgaria, where some Muslim families have been exposed to radicalization, suspectedly with the use of money channeled through foundations with ties to Saudi Arabia.
That's where the BB actually constructed a world in which the US government has a program to free women in the Muslim world from wearing burqas.
Most of the fighters are Pakistani nationals speaking Urdu and wearing burqas to hide their identities during attacks on security forces and government installations.
In eastern Laghman province, insurgents wearing head-to-toe burqas - the traditional women's covering that encompasses the female body - launched an attack on a district base belonging to the local police, killing four policemen.
High street security chiefs believe Daniel, 52, and her team of thieves have hidden behind burqas and niqabs - the Islamic facial veil - as their faces are so well known.
Women were forced to wear burqas and not allowed to take part in any form of public activity.
We want women in burqas to reveal their face while picking children from the school; we do not want a kidnapping incident.
On the advice of escorts, the two men donned burqas - the traditional full-length garment compulsory for all women living in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.