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a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan


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Another Muslim girl, Arzi, from Lucknow says how her neighbours told her parents, after the Delhi rape case, not to send her out and if she did go, "They said, I should wear the burqah.
From Burqah to Bloggs, Changing Clothes for Changing Times", en Juliet Ash y Elizabeth Wilson, eds.
Muslim women are flee to wear the veil in public offices and schools; however, there were occasional reports of objections to women wearing a burqah (a garment that completely covers the face and body).
There might always be conflicts if non-Muslims must wear burqah or Islamic dress in strictly Islamic systems where hijab is compulsory, and whether there should be prohibition on Islamic dress, burqah and even wearing of scarf overhead in many non-Muslim countries, some of whom have banned it, sanity calls for compromises agreeable on both the sides for a final resolution of such cultural conflicts of interests.
All these people, Muslims clad in burqah, chador or Islamic cover-all dress, or semi-nude non-Muslims in wine and cabaret houses or dance halls and night clubs, both have does and don'ts, accepted or rejected behavior in their houses, schools, markets, offices and outside in social inter action quite different and contradicting each other: in short, they all have a sense of morality and immorality, regardless of whether they're religious or not, and oblivious of whether they're imperialists, democratic, anarchists, communists, capitalists, or secular minded.