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one of the administrative divisions of a large city

an English town that forms the constituency of a member of parliament

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The Burough Council now has Enterprise Vault deployed for use by 1,000 of its employees with plans to expand that number by a further 2,000 by December 2002.
Top and tail in Buroughs. Mary waking up with soggy cornflakes, the penny plunge, taking back the empties to go to the pictures.
Coalition forces have also exposed Iraqi civilians to significant "collateral damage" through the deployment of napalm-like Mark 77 firebombs (Buncombe, 2003; Ridha, 2004b) and the indiscriminate use of depleted uranium munitions that release dangerous radioactive debris in the short term (Miller, 2003; Buroughs, 2004) and pose long-term environmental hazards to people exposed to uranium-contaminated soil or water (Michalowski and Bitten, 2004).
The relationship between sexual identity and eating disorders remains unclear; however, several studies posit that male homosexuals are at increased risk for developing eating disorders (Buroughs & Thompson, 2001; Walcott et al., 2003).
HEREFORDSHIRE: H Patel, R Hall, M Dale, R Hughes, C Buroughs (capt), D Exall, J Brinkley, E Rollings, D Willetts, M Horrocks, R Parker.
After an arduous 16-lap race he crossed the line sandwiched between former champions Don Kennedy and Neil Buroughs.
The all-rounder dismissed Phil Oliver (3), Buroughs (19), Ashley Perry (0), Ian McCarter (6) and Jagbir Dhillon (2), Potter chipping in with the wicket of number eight batsman Paul Wicker (2) as Walsall slumped to 68-8 in the 39th over.