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United States film actress who made several films with Clark Gable (1911-1937)

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The Hudson Branch of the Maurice River runs from Newfield to Vineland, potentially carrying toxic chemicals into Vineland's Burnt Mill Pond.
Calabro introduced the property to the buyer and worked with the seller, Branchburg Builders, LLC, which had gained the approvals for the site at Burnt Mill Road in the Somerset Hills section of Somerset County.
The PM this week defended plans to make all schools convert to the system by quoting Helena Mills, head of Burnt Mill Academy Trust, who said it was "the only way forward".
The letter states that the injection method "does not appear to adequately protect the health and safety of the city's residents, or to protect that natural environment surrounding important public resources including Burnt Mill Pond."
The Burnt Mill Country Club and Golf Course and Burnt Mill Estates residential community have all the necessary approvals in place, but construction has been stalled by the inability to secure funds through traditional sources.
This time, local officials said they are taking representatives of state and federal legislators with them to make sure the EPA knows what is at stake with Burnt Mill Pond.
Glenn and Anne first met as teenagers at Burnt Mill Comprehensive in Harlow, Essex, and seemed to be devoted to each other.
in Newfield made its way into Burnt Mill Pond in the municipality's North Vineland section.
The Hoddles were childhood sweethearts from their days as pupils at Burnt Mill Comprehensive School in Harlow, Essex, where Anne's father was headmaster.