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United States comedian and film actor (1896-1996)

celebrated Scottish poet (1759-1796)


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Sonia will be given the opportunity to perform at the largest Burns Supper in the world next January as Junior Burnsian.
(36) According to the conservative Burnsian, the bard's true political creed 'w[ould] be found in "Does Haughty Gaul", a composition which effectually dispose[d] of the mythical tradition that [Burns] was a disloyal subject and a Revolutionist'.
poem You've got to understand the meaning, says this year's Young Burnsian Eklavya, who won after reciting The Rights of Women.
The Burnsian influence is evident in the poem's very metre.
The items include art work, souvenir objects in ceramic, glass and wood, flags, stamps, lapel pins, postcards, clippings, and other Burnsian ephemera of all kinds that together tell a fascinating story of the iconography, hero-worship, and myth-creation of Scotland's most famous son.
Referring proudly to his recent Improvisatore by its alternate Burnsian title, Coleridge reveals the interconnectedness of all these quests from the 1820-1833 period.
The Burnsian hand-wringing over the tragedies and injustices of the past is really a kind of penitential triumphalism.
Obviously, the Burnsian style, even with such a mouthpiece, is not suited to controversy, though controversy there was in plenty about the lives of his heroines.
For months all those honoured with the right to remain in the presence tiptoe about timorously, like so many Burnsian mice.
But his inclination to dramatic utterance and the ironies of life evident in his Burnsian monologue, 'Ayrshire Jock', and in the 'In a Music-Hall' sequence had little in common with Symons's Decadent search for sensations and amoral treatment of casual love.
A respected Burnsian, he was - like the great man himself - as much at home in the howff as the parlours of Edinburgh.
A poem written in broad Scots with Burnsian phrasing, it took note of the contemporary movement of women into the printing world led and inspired by Emily Faithfull (such as the founding of the female only, London based Victoria Press and its Edinburgh counterpart the Caledonian Press).
"It's broad Scots, Burnsian Scots, so a lot of them wouldn't have been able to understand it, but it's a very visual show and a lot of Old Scots is very onomatopoeic so you can get the gist of it.
In using this Burnsian form, Baxter manages to suggest a link between this 'Dionysiac' conception of the Muse and Burns, who, though he characteristically 'identifies himself with Apollo', is also Dionysiac in his use of popular and bawdy verse and his dedication to alcohol as the fuel of inspiration.
Junior Young Burnsian of the Year Gregor Grierson will be the piper for the evening which will include other musical and poetic contributions from club members and young Burnsians.