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painful or difficult urination

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"UTIs, which can range from bladder infections to kidney infections, are among the most common and debilitating bacterial infections, affectingmore than 150 million people worldwideevery year.Symptoms of a UTI include dysuria (also known as painful urination or a burning sensation when urinating), an urgent need to urinate as well as bladder pain and fever," he said.
Cystitis causes pain or a burning sensation when urinating, a need to go often and pain in the lower abdomen.
Some women are more prone to UTIs than others, and can spend a lifetime suffering from recurrent infections that can cause a persistent urge to urinate, a burning sensation when urinating, cloudy urine, pelvic pain, and signs of blood in the urine.
Urinary tract infections can cause frequent urinating and pain or a burning sensation when urinating.