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United States writer (born in England) remembered for her novels for children (1849-1924)

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Starting in early 2004, Burnett and Trump turned "The Apprentice," and later "The Celebrity Apprentice," into a global juggernaut that minted profits through brand integration deals and international format licensing.
He's sitting right there," said Kimmel, pointing to Burnett.
The company said Burnett brings to his new position two decades of financial management, accounting as well as public company expertise.
But he said he only learned Burnett had sustained a broken jaw when he read a WalesOnline report from the court case.
Digital currently accounts for 27 per cent of the revenue for Leo Burnett MENA and Publicis Middle East, revealed Trad, adding that the number is 'definitely growing'.
The first stage of the four-month pitching process saw Leo Burnett deliver a unique, comprehensive submission that demonstrated its strategic and creative expertise.
Burnett received the museum's Harvey Award at a Friday night fundraiser for the James M.
Now Burnett, on bail for another offence at the time, has been jailed despite apologising to the victim immediately afterwards.
And it became one of my favorite things that I ever did," Burnett told the appreciative audience, in response to the first question of the night, asking if she remembered her very first show in the fall of '67.
Through IBM s data analytics, Leo Burnett is able to glean valuable insights from its annual global people survey to better understand the needs of the workforce.
Peter Burnett veteran banker from Swiss lender, UBS AG (NYSE: UBS), has been named North East Asia head of corporate finance at Standard Chartered Plc (LON: STAN).
Anthony Burnett reversed his own car into the front of a vehicle left on an icy road.
Teesside Coroner's Court heard that John Stephen Burnett began drinking heavily in 1983 after the breakdown of a relationship and subsequently left his job at Crossley's builders' merchant.
Marc Burnett stabbed 21-year-old Robert Gemmell through the neck and was seen laughing and joking in an off-licence the following day, April 26.