Bernese mountain dog

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large powerful long-haired black-coated Swiss dog with deep tan or russet markings on legs and white blaze and feet and chest marking

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The Burmese Mountain dog was plastered across tins and fronted the brand's TV and billboard campaigns up until his death a few years ago.
They invited their friends Alfie, a Burmese mountain dog, Oscar, a collie cross and Tia, a Staffy cross, to the park recently to help them promote the walk which takes place on Sunday, May 8.
I still get asked once a week about it," said Ringer, sipping tea at the plush home he shares with wife Janice, son Joel, and Burmese mountain dog Mole.
Thomas Cochrane, 11,from Oswestry, sent us this picture of Burmese Mountain dog Megan smiling at his cat Big Mac
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