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a native or inhabitant of Myanmar

the official language of Burma

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Anyway, my research on Burmese cats revealed that they are exemplary for their gentle manners.
Sadly, Bertie, our other Burmese cat, is still missing and we now suspect that whoever stole both cats from their home area on Thursday September 5, dumped them in the Canley area, since this was where Rolo was eventually found.
He is pictured in his older days with one of his beloved Burmese cats, right VETERAN: Alwyn Thomas, pictured during the Second World War, left, and in his older days far left, whose funeral took place on Thursday
et al., 2009.--Triglyceride response following an oral fat tolerance test in Burmese cats, other pedigree cats and domestic crossbred cats.
QI HAVE two Burmese cats. One is more dominant and bites the whiskers off the other cat, who has started to pull his fur.
I am trying to think of a word that most accurately sums up his personality, and the best I can come up with is a slightly odd, made-up Cumani word from the days when we used to have Burmese cats: Pussa.
She was a veterinary nurse and used to breed Burmese cats I bought a pair of kittens from her in 1987, a male and a female.
Tonkinese (tong-kih-ne-z) First established in Canada, the Tonkinese was developed by breeding Siamese and Burmese cats in the 1960s.
Burmese cats can inherit a muscle weakness--called Burmese hypokalaemia--which is caused by low levels of blood potassium.
Back at home, the family of Burmese cats are mum and dad Eileen and Dennis who had a kitten Kenneth over two years ago.