Burmese cat

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a short-haired breed with body similar to the Siamese cat but having a solid dark brown or grey coat

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WE would like to say a massive thank you to the caring people in Canley, who had been feeding Rolo, one of our two missing Burmese cats and who, subsequently, recognised him, on a social media missing cats website, as possibly ours.
Le Bristol also has a resident Burmese cat, Fa-raon, to play hide and seek with.
Poppy, a Burmese cat, is believed to have climbed into the undercarriage of a car belonging to friends visiting owner Sandra Stent in the North Island town of Levin, near Wellington.
Burmese cat Bella, from Langwith, Notts, lost an eye after she was shot with a pellet.
He told the court that he was devastated when her Burmese cat devoured his two birds, and that her way of life was too different from his own.
A spokeswoman for the Burmese cat society, who helped the family make the leaflets, said: "This is a very distressing incident and the families were very upset at such a callous act.
Sadly, the Burmese cat died six months ago but is fondly remembered by Stanley Baker and friends from Holyhead
June David, of North Cornelly, was horrified when she found her pedigree Burmese cat with a serrated "gin" trap gripped to its leg last week.
Subversive in essence, it'll work behind the scenes too, in a chain of events dubbed "the butterfly effect": a blob of spilled paint here sticks to a series of involvees as mischievously as folklore's tall tale, whether taxi driver or Burmese cat, Rhodesian ridgebacks or VIPs, culminating in the Prime Ministerial, no less!
A BURMESE cat was the guest of honour at her own lavish 21st birthday party.
KILLED: Miro the Burmese cat was shot and stamped on
"There are disadvantages, especially from the point of view of my Burmese cat who spends a lot of time in cat prison.
A HEARTBROKEN animal lover has spoken of his grief at finding his beloved Blue Burmese cat beaten to death.
The animal lover was driving through Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, when she spotted a Burmese cat without a collar at the side of the road.
The eight-year-old Burmese cat disappeared from an airliner during a transit stop in Bangkok nearly three months ago, leaving his retired British naval officer owner inconsolable.