boa constrictor

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very large boa of tropical America and West Indies

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Experts believed the incident to be the largest predator-to-prey ratio ever documented for Burmese pythons, and possibly pythons in general.
The photos were captured after land managers noticed the female Burmese python in Collier-Seminole State Park with a big bulge in the belly.
Over 100,000 Burmese pythons infesting the Florida Everglades have decimated 90 percent of small wildlife while surviving all attempts at eradication.
With an ideal subtropical climate and plenty to eat, the Burmese python thrives in the Everglades.
Scott and Leanne Gavin with Rio, a coastal carpet python, and Chico, an albino Burmese python Picture: JAMES MALONEY He said: "The zoo was my original plan, but obviously when we got the money from the show we had to downsize a lot of things.
A boa constrictor or Burmese python are, however, not recommended.
The following day an 8ft Burmese Python was found on the same road.
But Krysko said it is too little, too late after Burmese python numbers mushroomed during decades when sales weren't outlawed and wildlife agencies had few programs to deal with unwanted pets or snakes released in the wild.
Wildlife officials say rock pythons captured here have averaged 10 feet in length; the longest Burmese python caught in Florida was over 18 feet long.
6-meter-long (12 foot) Burmese python in the bushes after several neighborhood cats were reported missing.
com)-- Orlando-based game studio Bigglesworth Studios has announced the development of their first mobile game, Invasion of the Burmese Python.
Most people wouldn't start with a Burmese python, then most people aren't like me.
Washington : Floridians keen to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Everglades will have their mettle tested next month as the wildlife service seeks help in eradicating the giant Burmese python.
Monstrous' python found in Florida MIAMI: The largest Burmese python ever found in Florida has been caught in the Everglades, scientists said yesterday, and it contained 87 eggs -- also thought to be a record.