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a native or inhabitant of Myanmar

the official language of Burma

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More than 3,000 miners and their families had been prevented from leaving the mines by the Burmese army; in recent days, however, dozens of families have begun arriving by foot in Tanai town.
That's a an alligator and a Burmese python entwined.
In September, responding to international outrage over Burmese military and vigilante attacks on the Rohingya minority, State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi invited the world to go with us to the troubled areas to see for yourself what is happening and think for yourself what can we do to remove these problems.
Since late August, the Burmese military has committed widespread killings, rapes, arbitrary arrests, and mass arson in hundreds of predominantly Rohingya villages in northern Rakhine State, forcing more than 655,000 Rohingya to flee to neighboring Bangladesh.
Addressing the rally, APCA Bahawalpur leader, Hafiz Mohammad Akhtar said that innocent Muslims had been facing worst kinds of atrocities by Burmese army and fanatic Buddhists.
Myanmar has a 2000-kilometer-long, relatively porous border with China which has allowed for recurrent population movements and military incursions of Chinese armies into Burmese territory.
Her book is divided into six chapters; Chapter 1 is a survey of existing literature and films through which Western or non-Burmese (most often male) writers and Hollywood film-makers present images of Burmese women to the global audience; Chapter 2 ofters a reading of how a Burmese woman writer, Ma Ma Lay, brings forth 'patriarchal violence, misogyny, sexism, and oppression' (pp.
CSW also calls for the Burmese Government to immediately lift all restrictions on humanitarian aid to the region.
Filled with cutting statements critiquing colonization, his country, and himself, these poems reflect on the expat's identity as a poet and Burmese man.
JEDDAH: The number of criminal cases against the Burmese community in the Kingdom, especially drug cases, has come down sharply following the correction of their residency status, an official has said.
MIAMI -- For all the danger posed to Florida's Everglades by invasive Burmese pythons, there's one thing researchers don't want to know: how they would interact with another python species that threatens to move into the same territory.
Two confess to murdering Brits in Thailand TWO Burmese immigrant workers have confessed to killing two young British tourists on a Thai holiday island last month.
Burmese journalist and political activist Aung Zaw tells the story of the struggle for democracy in Burma.
1) Burmese historiographical traditions, however, do not continue purely premodern, precolonial outlooks and practices, but rather are an amalgamation of inherited practices, recast and mixed with terms that the British introduced through their scholarship and educational system.
But the Burmese have asked David to act as an adviser in their latest efforts to recover the bell which is believed to lie in 30 feet of water and mud.