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a native or inhabitant of Myanmar

the official language of Burma

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She was brought up eating Burmese food, speaking Burmese, wearing Burmese clothing and visiting Burma from age eight onwards, where most of her family still live.
"A one dish, one bowl dinner is not 'the one' in Burmese cuisine.
However, she is adamant that, while the food in her latest recipe collection, Mandalay: Recipes and Tales From A Burmese Kitchen - its jacket a spectacular sunshine yellow, decorated with the print of a special occasion sarong ("a sign of women") - "is part of me, it's very personal", the book is "not a nostalgia trip".
The second Burmese man then joined his compatriot in the squad car.
Over the past twenty years, Jan-Philipp Sendker and his colleagues have accrued a vast catalog of Burmese folk and fairy tales through travel to the region, both for research and for pleasure.
Chinese in Colonial Burma is a valuable new publication which examines the lives of Burmese Chinese in a range of towns and cities from 1826 to 1942, a time of British rule prior to the Japanese occupation.
The rapid improvement in Chinese-Burmese relations was the highlight of Burmese diplomacy during the Korean War period.
With this rich and dense monograph, Clymer--a Distinguished Research Professor at Northern Illinois University and a 2011-2012 Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars where he started this research--sheds light on the various dimensions that have undergirding seven decades of Washington's Burmese policies.
The Arakan Army (AA) has offered to return three soldiers that it captured from the Burmese army in an armed clash in Buthidaung last weekend.
As Boshier shows, the Burma Research Society (BRS) came into existence at a time when the wind of change was already blowing across Burma; the BRS provided a space for emerging Burmese intellectuals and scholars who felt the need to contribute to scholarship on Burma that did not silence the Burmese themselves.
An alligator and a Burmese python literally tangled on a Florida golf course Friday as the fight was captured in a series of photos posted to Facebook. 
Of the 354 affected villages, at least 118 were either partially or completely destroyed after September 5 -- the date the Burmese State Counsellor's office announced as the end of clearance operations.
On the day, countrywide protests would be held on the silence of the United Nations, the world community and the Pakistan government over the repression on the Burmese Muslims and for the Pakistan's failure in expelling the Burmese envoy in the country on the issue.
BAHAWALPUR -- All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) Bahawalpur chapter took out rally here on Monday in protest against atrocities being inflicted on Muslim community in Burma by Burmese army and religious Buddhist groups.