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Synonyms for Burmanniaceae

family of chiefly tropical herbs with basal leaves like bracts and small flowers

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La familia Burmanniaceae Blume cuenta con 13 generos y unas 125 especies, principalmente heterotrofas, distribuidas en las regiones tropicales del viejo y nuevo mundo, China, Japon, Australia, Tasmania, Nueva Zelanda, y Estados Unidos (Maas et al., 1986).
Phylogeny and evolution of Burmanniaceae (Dioscoreales) based on nuclear and mitochondrial data.
Key words: Dictyostega, Burmanniaceae, root structures, rhizome structures, atbuscular mycorrhiza, myco- heterotrophy.
In Burmanniaceae, Afrothismia and some Thismia have a bent floral tube (Maas-van de Kamer, 1998).
Also notable in this regard are families which are heteromycotrophic, such as Petrosaviaceae, Triuridaceae, and achlorophyllous Burmanniaceae and Orchidaceae (Carlquist, 1975; Wagner, 1977).
Epigynous perianth characterizes the fin-winged fruits of Aizoaceae, Apiaceae, Begoniaceae, Burmanniaceae, Combretaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Lecythidiaceae, Haloragaceae, Hernandiaceae, Onagraceae, and Styracaceae.
1845) who characterized the genus "as intermediate between Tacceae and Burmanniaceae" but did not provide it with a name.--Incorrect orthography: Thismieae Le Maout & Decne., Traite General Bot.: 551.
1927.--Type: Burmannia L.; Burmanniaceae Blume, 1827.
Conversely, on the basis of my own observations, these sandy soils appear to be the preferred habitats of other plant groups--e.g., Burmanniaceae, Eriocaulaceae, and numerous Gentianaceae, such as Symbolanthus G.