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Synonyms for Burmannia

type genus of the Burmanniaceae

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Only slightly swollen, foliose rhizomes in combination with long, filiform roots observed in most Burmanniaceae (Apteria, Burmannia, Cymbocarpa, Dictyostega, Gymnosiphon, Hexapterella, Marthella, Miersiella).
(1986) reported the occurrence of fusiform tubers at the end of roots of Burmannia alba and B.
This is particulary the case in the mycorrhiza in Dictyostega orobanchoides, which strongly resembles the one in Burmannia tenella.
Like in Burmannia tenella, the vesicles and arbuscule-like structures suggest an arbuscular mycorrhiza for D.
1), it becomes clear that the fin-winged condition is most prevalent among Eudicots, but occurs occasionally in Magnoliids (Hernandiaceae: Illigera), and monocots (e.g., Burmannia, Dioscorea, Herreria).
cons.--Type: Burmannia L., 1753.--Validated by a description in Latin.
1927.--Type: Burmannia L.; Burmanniaceae Blume, 1827.