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The play's text draws upon a mixture of sources, from Suu Kyi's own words and interviews Shannon undertook with her close associates in Burma, to written material about Burma and Suu Kyi's history.
1885 Third Anglo-Burmese war - Burma loses sovereignty and independence.
A Burmese refugee I know of who's running a blog from Thailand has sent his coworker and dear friend into Burma equipped with a satellite phone.
Mr Forsyth's comments came as former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson resigned suddenly from an advisory panel on the crisis, calling it a "whitewash" for Burma leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
Many said that they wish to eventually return home, but that they do not believe it is safe to return to Burma for the foreseeable future and until their security, land, and livelihoods can be ensured.
The UN and US recently accused Buddhist-majority Burma of conducting 'ethnic cleansing' against its Muslim Rohingya people.
Under that agreement, Rohingya were required to present residency documents, which few have, before being allowed to return to Burma, which is also known by some as Myanmar.
Lahore Chamber's office-bearers said that Pakistan should stand tall on the issue of massacre of Muslims in Burma, adding that international community should be given a message, asking them to act against the carnage of Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar.
Indeed, the dead-weight melody that resonates across these pages is that of Karen history - one not widely told or realised, either within Burma or beyond its borders.
Lopez said the Philippine government was eyeing Burma as a potential market for hybrid rice seed exports.
They continue to operate despite the fact casino gambling is officially illegal in Burma.
After Burma requested reinstatement in 2013, the Office of the United States Trade Representative led an extensive review of Burmas compliance with all of the GSP eligibility criteria, and in particular of Burmas recent record of labor reforms and strengthened worker protections.
The basic problem faced by the people of Burma for over five decades is a by-product of conflict of interests over constitutional principles between Myanmar and non-Myanmar ethnic nationals.
The Burma Spring: Aung San Suu Kui and the New Struggle for the Soul of a Nation is a 'must have' reference for any collection serious about Asian politics, and comes from an award-winning journalist and former State Department speechwriter who offers new details about Novel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who introduced democracy to Burma.
The nearly seven decades since Burma achieved independence in 1948 have been years of increasing misery.