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Synonyms for berm

a narrow ledge or shelf typically at the top or bottom of a slope

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a narrow edge of land (usually unpaved) along the side of a road

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Chinou, "Composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oils of two populations of Tanzanian Lippia javanica (Burm. f.) Spreng.
Preliminary antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity of leaf extracts of Mesua nagassarium (Burm. f.).
limon (L.) Burm. F., tend to be heavy, we found about 100 nymphs and 30 adults per flush, and this high density of prey precluded the ready study of the feeding behavior of B.
Flu Garlic AMARANTHACEAE Pfaffia glomerata Spreng Energy drink, analgesic Ginseng APHODELACEAE Aloeferox (L.) Burm.f.
In another village Talis, Masha Burm Sub Division of Ghanche District, DIG said some 13 people were hit by sliding, adding that six persons have been recovered.
Jacque Burm, manager of Scottsdale Insurance, added that his company always accepts ACORD forms, which makes it easier for agents since they have one standardized form to learn and use.
shock to wa bedti that w Cal he wa Life dance on De attack with Burm over Eve office and s jabbi so pe Ne ensu lled up in 1939 when he was just 20, as stationed in Singapore for two years.
lunulata fue la especie de escarabajo mas abundantemente colectada (50%, 2283 ejemplares), seguida por Plectris fassli Burm, cuyos adultos son filofagos y larvas rizofagas estrictas.
Mazus pumilus (Burm. F.) Steenis (Scrophulariaceae).
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PEACE PRAYERS: Buddhist monks pray at a road block erected by riot police in Rangoon, Burm; SHOCKER: Blood-soaked sandals litter the streets after shootings during clashes in Rangoon
En el presente articulo se describen la larva de tercer estadio y la pupa de macho y hembra de Astaena valida Burm., se ilustran sus caracteres diagnosticos y se propone una clave para distinguir sus larvas de otros Melolonthinae locales.
Parfois, cette plante, en association avec d'autres especes telles que Chenopodium ambrosioides L, Marrubium vulgare L, Citrus limon (L.) Burm. et Allium cepa L., peut etre utilisee en cataplasme pour diminuer la fievre.