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a desperately poor landlocked country in western Africa


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Last year, Sweden topped the list, followed by the US and the UK, with Burkino Faso, Zimbabwe and Yemen propping up the foot of the table.
The cornerstone of the IDB's SSA22 strategy is the Ouagadougou Declaration of October 2002 adopted during the MDB's annual meeting in Burkino Faso, which incorporates the "IDB Cooperation Framework with Africa" with a commitment of $2bn for least-developed member countries in Africa over a five-year period (2003-2007).
Indeed, Maroc, which operates fixed-line, ISP and mobile services in Morocco, also has operations in Burkino Faso, Gabon, Mali and Mauritania.
GLOBAL GAME: A Burkino Faso fan enjoys the atmosphere during their African Cup of Nations match against Ethiopia.
He is one of three permitted foreign players in the squad and a team-mate from Burkino Faso has not been paid in six months.
The Ambassador has had a diverse career spanning over 37 years in the foreign service of the United States, including ambassadorship to Ethiopia and Burkino Faso.
January 30, 2012 (LONDON) -- Sudan progressed to the first quarter finals of the African Nations Cup after defeating Burkino Faso 2-1 on Monday.
But he said: "I've been coaching in South Africa and Burkino Faso and they play on some rotten, rockhard pitches but still play with good technical skill.
He began his international career in Ouagadougou (Upper Volta) Burkino Faso, West Africa, as Program Assistant with Catholic Relief Services.
They tested their theory on 2,500 Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes in Burkino Faso, west Africa.
The vast majority were from sub-Saharan African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast and Burkino Faso.
They certainly have the strongest squad and look well placed at 4-6 (Partybets) to pip Ghana and scoop top spot in Group B while the Elephants are also a banker at 4-11 with Betdaq to win their opener against Burkino Faso.
The response to the Summit has been overwhelming and so far over 15 countries have confirmed their participation: Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkino Faso, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Malta, Namibia, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and the Netherlands will present the opportunities in trade and investment in their respective countries.
As chairman, Rintala came up with an impressive roster of speakers, including Alexander Brodsky from Moscow, a self-styled 'paper architect' whose installations prick the bubble of Russia's development glut, plus Patama Roonrakwit from Thailand, Diebedo Francis Kere from Burkino Faso [via Berlin], Bijoy Jain of Mumbai and Anna Heringer from Bangladesh (via Salzburg), all of whom work with 'away from the centre' communities.
Condemn the apparent impunity granted by the government of Burkino Faso to the alleged murderer of journalist Norbert Zongo, who was killed ten years ago, and to call on President Blaise CompaorE[umlaut] to ensure that political protection is removed and the killers are brought to justice (read the full resolution at http://www.