Burkina Faso

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a desperately poor landlocked country in western Africa


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Australia does not have an embassy or consulate in Burkina Fasso.
Il s'agit de la selection du Burkina Fasso qui a pris le meilleur sur le Togo pour atteindre le dernier carre pour la seconde fois dans son histoire apres la CAN 1998 organisee sur son sol.
States that took part in today's junior level meeting were Kuwait, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Burkina Fasso and Ghana.
Efforts to resolve the crisis are continuing and last week Mohamed Ibn Chambas, head of the regional grouping Ecowas, met Blaise Compaore, the president of Burkina Fasso, who has been appointed by the body to mediate.
It comprised, among others, Turkey, a seemingly secular member of Nato, and Lebanon, whose head of state is a Christian; non-Islamic India, with a sizable Muslim population, and Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam itself; along with states representing white, black, brown and Oriental folk, stretching from Indonesia to Burkina Fasso, from the Maldives to Brunei, and from Senegal to Palestine.
dollars lying dormant, and tragically unattended, mostly in Burkina Fasso, West Africa, which must have enormous liquidity.
Algerie Telecom, -- La Banque d'Algerie, -- The Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research -- The Tunisian Post Office, -- The Moroccan Department of Social Security -- Arobase Telecom on the Ivory Coast -- The State of Burkina Fasso -- Comptoir Francais d'Afrique et d'Outre-mer (CFAO) -- TELECEL Benin -- The Conseil General de la Guyanne -- Eurapharma and the central hospitals in Martinique and Guadaloupe -- The World Handball Championships in Tunisia