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British statesman famous for his oratory


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Applying Burkean conservatism to the Constitution means seeing it as inextricable from the particular traditions and practices of the group from which it emerged.
It is customary to juxtapose dour Burkean conservatism with a dreamy Rousseauvian romanticism.
to those of Burkean conservatism in that they emphasize the inability of
The founding difference between Carl Schmitt's conservatism and Burkean conservatism is that his thought is structured, from the ground up, around a strident critique of liberalism.
But unlike Burkean conservatism, they posit, American conservatism (mostly) eschews elitism, skepticism about progress, and belief in established institutions and hierarchies.
The conservatism Ryn defends recognizes the possibility of a synthesis of universality and historical particularity, which allows conservatism to distinguish between two types of individualism and liberalism: one atomistic and one "integral to Burkean conservatism.
Federici notes, "Although Voegelin had little to say about Burke, his political writings in particular contain elements of Burkean conservatism.
Gingrich may have been thinking of the Burkean conservatism of incremental change, which he rejects in favor of revolutionary rhetoric.
Bloom's argument became a major touchstone in the development of "neoconservatism," a label that became associated with many fellow students of Strauss but which, ironically, explicitly rested on rejection of the claims of culture, tradition, and custom-the main impulses of Burkean conservatism.
One of the consequences of not taking account of the possible union of universality and historical particularity was an inability to distinguish adequately between two very different forms of individualism and liberalism, one atomistic and the other integral to a Burkean conservatism.
33) They also agreed that traditional Burkean conservatism was useless in addressing the problems of modernity.
Kirkean, Burkean conservatism finds its paradise in Orthodoxy," says a professor who teaches at a Southern college.