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Synonyms for Burke

Synonyms for Burke

British statesman famous for his oratory


United States frontierswoman and legendary figure of the Wild West noted for her marksmanship (1852-1903)

murder without leaving a trace on the body

get rid of, silence, or suppress

References in classic literature ?
By the way," observed Fisher, "when we were talking about Burke and Halkett, I said that a man couldn't very well write with a gun.
The irrepressible Chancellor of the Exchequer was still talking about the birds he had brought down, the birds that Burke and Halkett had brought down, and the birds that Jenkins, their host, had failed to bring down.
You and your big game," he ejaculated, aggressively, to Burke.
The next moment a torrent of guttural but good-humored oaths came from Major Burke as he and the two other men saw what was in front of them.
He did it with one of Burke's rifles, and Burke thought he knew the sound of it.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Acclaimed restaurant empireDavid Burke Group announced the release of a signature private label Pinot Noir Blend, "Unvarnished ," in conjunction with award-winningBrooks Winery (Oregon) and blended by David Burke Group's own Corporate Director of Wines,Natalie Dulaney .
For John Morley and the Victorian Whigs, thinking like Burke meant thinking like a cool, calculating utilitarian.
British Member of Parliament Jesse Norman has written an engaging and accessible biography of the great foundational philosopher of Anglo-American conservatism, Edmund Burke (1729-1797).
Building on its signature precast/prestressed lifting hardware innovation, Rapid Lift, Meadow Burke unveiled the Burke Lift system at the 2013 PCI Convention last month in Dallas.
Aaron Burke 19, lost his temper after there were no rooms available at the Novotel Hotel, in London.
Scott Newstok's Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare provides an extraordinary service.
Quentin Beresford, The Godfather: The Life of Brian Burke, Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 2008.
Lock's biography of Edmund Burke span more than one thousand pages and, by the author's own calculation, over twenty years of research.
In Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare, Scott Newstok brings together all of the late Kenneth Burke's surprisingly voluminous Shakespearean criticism, including an appendix of references to Shakespeare in Burke's major works and, perhaps most excitingly, Burke's previously unpublished, extensive notes on Macbeth and Troilus and Cressida.
Ann George (associate professor, Texas Christian University) and Jack Selzer (professor of English, Pennsylvania State University) combine their insight in Kenneth Burke in the 1930s, a thoughtful study of author Kenneth Burke's work during the restless 1930s.